Root Chakra Imbalance Symptoms-Do You Feel Alienated and Disconnected?

Root Chakra, also known as Muladhara(in Sanskrit) is the first chakra of our energy body, this chakra is the one that is related the most to the aspects of our physical world.

Root chakra is situated at the base of the spine and it is depicted by the color red.

It is extremely important to balance your root chakra because all the major emotional problems like anger, frustration, jealousy, doubt, depression etc can arise due to improper flow of the energy through this chakra.

A person whose root chakra is blocked suffers from a lot of emotional issues which is mostly related to the materialistic needs, the main symptom of a blocked root chakra is insecurity and lack of self esteem as the root chakra is associated to our basic survival needs.

On the other hand if a person’s root chakra is over active then he becomes too anxious and angry, in such cases an urge to control the situations and people arises which leads to total loss of mental peace that can also cause violent behavior.

The purpose of root chakra is to connect a person to mother earth and physical world, so when root chakra is not allowing the proper flow of energy then the individual feels disconnected with the planet and people, this results in lack of interest towards life.

So, from the above discussion we can infer that it is extremely important for a person to keep his root chakra in balance, here I am going to discuss with you a few symptoms that will let you know if you have an issue with your root chakra.

Symptoms that Your Root Chakra Is Out of Balance

When Root Chakra is Blocked or Overactive:-

-You feel lonely and disconnected from everything in your life

-You experience lower back pain and problems related to spine

-You feel stuck and lack of enthusiasm towards your work

-You become undisciplined and disorganized

-You feel lethargic and your stamina is low

-You have trouble with materialistic needs and finance

-You fall ill frequently and you have very low immune power

-You lack focus and your mind gets occupied with past events

-You become careless

-You experience lower emotions like shame and guilt


-You become too anxious and restless

-You experience anger and rage

-You want to control everything in your life using force

-You become greedy

-You form extreme attachments with your worldly possessions

-You resist change and find it hard to let go

-You feel lack of self worth

-You blame others a lot

-You find it hard to forgive people

-You carry a lot of hatred and resentment towards people


If a lot of the above given symptoms matches your current  situation then you must focus on balancing your root chakra, one way to do that is to visualize red colour during meditation as that is the color that represents root chakra.

A person with balanced root chakra feels secure and he finds his life simple, despite not being too much concerned about the materialistic needs he has an abundant flow of everything needed in his life.

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