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The Updated Ho’oponopono and Dr. Joe Vitale’s Zero Limits

The updated form of Ho’oponopono also known as the “Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono “(SITH) is a very amazing kind of spiritual healing technique based on which Dr. Joe Vitale wrote his very famous book “zero limits”, following which he has then produced numerous programs to teach people about this method which includes one latest program that I found last year called “The Ho’oponoopono Certification Course” where he provides online lessons as well as certification so that people can professionally use this method to help others.

If you are completely new to this process then it may sound very strange to you because of its simplicity and also unbelievable due to the stories associated with it.

See, back in the year 2006, Joe Vitale came across a mind-blowing story about a person named Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len who healed a whole ward of mental patients using this ancient Hawaiian method without even seeing them!

That’s crazy, right? And it was a ward full of patients who were very dangerous, the staff count reduced due to this, but this psychologist changed all of their behaviors with a simple technique, how can that be possible? Well, I really don’t know but Joe decided to investigate more on this matter and that’s how this technique became so popular.

Is This Really the Best Method Ever?

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3 Ways to Clear Your Energy Blocks – Allow Your Abundance

If you want to achieve something that you have never had before then you will have to change energetically, and that’s why I will be talking about the 3 methods here using which you can clear your energy blocks.

People often think that desires are the reason behind pain and suffering, that isn’t true. It’s the unfulfilled desires that cause agonies.

It is totally okay to have desires, how good will life be if we don’t have a vision for the future? Continue reading