3 Ways to Clear Your Energy Blocks – Allow Your Abundance

If you want to achieve something that you have never had before then you will have to change energetically, and that’s why I will be talking about the 3 methods here using which you can clear your energy blocks.

People often think that desires are the reason behind pain and suffering, that isn’t true. It’s the unfulfilled desires that cause agonies.

It is totally okay to have desires, how good will life be if we don’t have a vision for the future?

To avoid the pain that unfulfilled desires causes, one has to learn both or one of the following two things: –

  • Detachment – A quality where one is able to keep his emotional state unaffected by what happens in the outer world. This is a very difficult thing to learn, but as you get better in keeping your inner state immune from the external world, you will be able to embrace your desires without worrying about whether they will come true or not.
  • Make It Come True – You didn’t really expect this point, did ya? Seriously, there are people who have learned to accomplish what they want in life. One straight and obvious way to avoid the pain brought by unfulfilled desires is to learn how to get what you want.

Detachment factor not only plays an essential role in the manifestation process, but it is also a very important thing as your inner peace is dependent on it, however there is a way to make your dreams come true with less struggle and we will discuss that in this post.

Things in the world cannot always be as you want them to be, but things in “your world” surely can be in your control, and energy clearing helps you to get into the state of flow where it becomes easy for you to get what you want in your life.

Have you seen how we are super confident initially when we set a goal and then slowly things start to change? Have you noticed how our thoughts begin to work against us sometimes when we go after a particular goal?

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Why does this happen? Why do we become disheartened so quickly? Why is it that we find it impossible to get something in life that is bigger than what we already have?

The answer is – Energy Blocks!

Energy Blocks

I have explained this better in the unlimited abundance review post, but I will give you a brief idea about it here.

The only thing that holds us away from having what we want in our lives is the resistance caused by our own thoughts (maybe conscious or unconscious).

All our actions are a result of our thought patterns; sometimes we unconsciously think and act in a way that we move away from our dreams.

Energy blocks are what stops the flow of positive thoughts, motivation and the right ideas that leads a person to success.

These energy blocks are nothing but our own subconscious beliefs that were formed in our childhood.

Without getting rid of these beliefs you can never get the results that are much different from the ones you already get.

These beliefs are like the walls that stop the flow of good in our lives and by doing the energy clearing we are breaking that wall to allow our abundance.

Clearing these energy blocks needs persistent efforts, so be ready to make it a part of your life if you are really willing to see some significant results.

Method 1 – Positive Affirmations: –

In her unlimited abundance program Christie uses something which she calls energy clearing statements, I have never really understood the reason behind its effectiveness, but those statements are much better than anything I have ever known for altering one’s inner beliefs.


When used properly, affirmations can do magic because a repeated thought with strong emotions has the power to change your limiting beliefs, thus it changes your energy.

If you didn’t notice, I said “thought with strong emotions” so using strong positive words is of no use if you they don’t invoke positive feelings.

So, to manifest your desires you should choose your affirmations properly and use it consistently.

Every subconscious belief can be altered with regular use of positive affirmations. Here’s how to do it: –

Choose a particular area where you are struggling.

Let’s take “money” for example.

Now, examine your feelings whenever the subject of money comes up.

For example, observe your feelings when you pay a bill. If the feeling is a bit annoying and heavy, then find out what type of thoughts is causing it.

Mostly probably your thoughts would be somewhat like “I am running out of money”, “I have to pay the rent”, “I can’t spend more”, “I will be going into debt soon”, etc.

Next, with a little introspection find out the root belief that might be causing these thoughts.

In the above example, we can infer that the belief that gives birth to such thoughts is “Earning money is a difficult thing”, this is a very common belief that causes struggle in the lives of most people belonging to the families with average income.

Your job is to choose or create an affirmation based on the following three things: –

1 – It should be something that is positive and it should be able to neutralize that particular belief.

2 – There should be no negation in the sentence. Avoid using statements like “I am not a fat guy” instead use something like “I am losing weight really fast”.

3 – This is most the important point. Choose statements that sound true to you and brings you good feelings.

I learned a good way to formulate my affirmations from Michal J. Losier’s “the law of attraction” book. It is using the words “I am in the process of” in your affirmation, since this way it sounds very truthful, it becomes more effective.

So for the above example, one can use the affirmation – “I am in the process of losing a lot of weight”.

All you have to do is to repeat this affirmation daily, you should also do it whenever you get that kind of heavy feeling as we discussed earlier. You can also prefer writing your affirmations a couple of times daily on paper.

With regular practice you will soon start to see some significant changes, you can see the effect, especially by observing your feelings whenever that particular subject comes up.

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I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your ways of altering your subconscious limiting beliefs? Do you have any experience of energy clearing? I would love to hear your views on this, so please do leave your comments below before leaving this website.

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