The Silva Ultramind System Review – Jose Silva’s ESP System

Vishen Lakhiani has prepared a course that can be said to be the modern world upgradation of the very famous Jose Silva’s ESP system with the help of his Mindvalley team, they have created this course using the original Silva Ultramind Systems’s techniques in a way that the study materials consists of digital tools of today’s world whereas the essence of the evergreen techniques of Jose Silva remains intact in the whole program.

I have been following Jose Silva’s work for a long time now, and I remember well how the old videos and courses based on the Silva Method used to be. It was all created 2-3 decades ago and honestly, there was a time when I wished that we should have some good online courses on these techniques, I knew a long ago that Vishen was also very interested in the Silva method as he used to often mention Jose Silva’s name in his videos and other courses, so I had a hint that in future we will be getting an advanced level course from Mindvalley based on the silva ESP system and one fine morning, Voila!, I saw this program added to my Mindvalley membership subscription under which I can access over 100+ of their courses and they mostly provide access to all of their new launches there however one can opt for some of their preferred courses individually too, for this program you will need to become a member and the course will be automatically added to your subscription. I will be reviewing this program in detail in this post, so if you are someone who has a lot of queries about the program then read this entire post, or if you just want my summarized opinion on this course then you can scroll down to the bottom of this post to read the conclusion. So let me start with a brief introduction about Jose Silva and Vishen Lakhiani.

The People Behind the Silva Ultramind System

Jose Silva was into the electronic repair business and initially, he began his career by repairing radios but he was always interested in the workings of the human mind, so he was extensively reading the works related to the abilities of the human mind. Jose began his journey by having some practical experience in harnessing the power of the human mind by learning hypnosis. At that time he saw that his children were not performing well in their studies and this led him to research whether it is possible for him to utilize his knowledge to help his kids in their academics. He tried hypnosis to help his children to have better control over their minds but during this process, he stumbled upon a great realization that became the foundation of his lifetime of work, he discovered the alpha state of mind during which our mind is highly relaxed and open to receive suggestions.

Gradually the hypnosis sessions and techniques that he crafted at his home for his children became what would become one of the most popular techniques in the self-development industry. His books, videos, and courses have been used to learn and teach some very powerful mind-training methods for years. Jose Silva authored about 12 bestselling books and has millions of students around the globe, he has also mentored some famous people like Jack Canfield (author of the chicken soup for the Soul). Unfortunately, Jose Silva left us in the year 1999 but his teachings are as new and fresh as it was during its inception in the 60s.

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder of Mindvalley, a company that I have been following since its initial years and first few launches. I still remember the days when Vishen did not use to be much in the limelight, however today he is a new york times bestselling author and a very popular figure in the area of personal development whereas Mindvalley is one of the greatest online training platforms for spiritual and self-help materials with over millions of students around the globe. Vishen is also a certified Silva instructor and he has been using these techniques for a long time. Even when he was not promoting this program I have heard him speaking about these methods a lot of times so I can assure you that he genuinely has a deep knowledge about the methods created by Jose Silva.

What Is the Silva Ultramind System?

The Silva Ultramind System is basically a home study course where you will be taught some very effective techniques to train your mind and provided with tools that will help you to reach the alpha and theta states of mind where you can awaken your mind’s abilities to make a powerful positive impact in all the areas of your life.

Here is the image of the Silva Ultramind program under my subscription, it is very easy to access and designed in a way that you won’t find any difficulty in either learning the methods or applying them afterward in your daily life.  I found these lessons very engaging, Vishen has a way to make you interested in what he teaches here, and with time he makes you hooked to the course which also ensures that you regularly practice those methods and apply these tools in your life.

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In this 28-day program, Vishen will guide you through video lessons each day that will be taking you through this 4-part course in which you will be introduced to various techniques, tools, and exercises based on the teachings of Jose Silva. You will be enrolling with the other students who will be completing the lessons with you, each day a new lesson will unlock, and if you are behind the batch then all the lessons that have been completed till that date will be made available to you so that you can match up with the other students. However, they stop the intake of students after a certain number of classes have been completed by any particular batch, and in that case, you will have to wait for the next enrolment date to participate. Once you will complete this 4 Part program, you can access all the lessons anytime you want and use the tools/resources whenever you require them using your login credentials.

Every lesson is just 15-20 minutes long, so by just taking 20 minutes of your day you will be able to complete this course within 28 days and in case you miss any class then you can complete more lessons at once later on but I strongly advise you to try to be punctual because some of the classes here teach techniques that require time to get accustomed to. Some of the lessons in the course teach stuff like the centering technique, healing methods, mental screen method, psychometry, intuition development, etc that requires you to apply what you learn and perfect it with practice, so if you will rush to complete the course then it won’t be much beneficial for you.

You will love this course if you are interested in the law of attraction techniques because you will learn there how you can apply the methods taught in the course to manifest your desires, they will provide you with audio tools that will help you to crank up your visualizations sessions up a notch, in fact even if you have no experience of creative visualization, meditations, hypnosis, etc. with the help of the resources provided in this course you will be able to learn and perform those techniques perfectly. You will also get a workbook in pdf format that you are supposed to use while you attend the course.


I am a little biased here because I was already a huge Jose Silva fan, so this program was like a boon to me but I will still try to provide you with an opinion from a neutral perspective. So the program is perfectly organized and the video classes are of top-notch quality, the materials you will be getting in the program are also advanced and very easy to use. Vishen is just amazing as an instructor because the way he teaches you in this course shows his conviction about the effectiveness of these tools, the enthusiasm with which he teaches really tells you that he is speaking from his experiences and has good knowledge about these methods. The advantage of learning from someone like Vishen is that you are motivated to apply the techniques because you can sense that the instructor is genuinely interested in showing you how amazing and precious the contents of this course are.

What I am not pretty much in favor of is the time under which they are teaching you such a huge syllabus. The course is of course not shortened, the entire content covers a lot more than any other material I have ever seen that’s based on the Silva method. What I found is that 28 days is very short considering the information provided in each class, for example developing intuition is a process that requires a lot of practice. Apart from the guided audios that do not require much of our input, most of the techniques taught in the program like manifestation exercises or projection of consciousness are something that needs a lot of continuous effort from the students and a 20-minute class alone is not sufficient. I am not saying that they are failing to teach anything to its fullest in the course, the program is obviously the best that you can get in the market if you are someone interested in the manifestation methods or personal development.

However, you won’t be able to learn much from the program if you don’t make it a part of your life and spend your time consistently learning and applying the knowledge you will be getting in this course like you would do if you join a cooking class or music class because obviously your teacher can show you from making tea to preparing a full course meal in a single day but it depends on how you spend your time with what you are taught, so I suggest you learn how to utilize the resources made available to you through this Silva Ultramind System by revisiting the important lessons till you have the subscription.

Overall I will give a thumbs up to this program because it has helped me in numerous ways. I have applied these methods and had some astonishing results, especially in financial and health issues. I still have a lot to learn from this program and I will have to revisit these lessons again multiple times in the future to make the most out of it, but I really think that the information provided in this online course can make a huge impact in our lives.


I really hope you found this review helpful, I have tried to cover everything in detail here but your input can help me to make it better so do let me know in the comment area about what I can do to improve it. If you have any queries or would like to add something then also feel free to leave your comments. I love hearing from my readers, it motivates me to write more on such topics!!

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