8 Best Law of Attraction Techniques for Easy Manifestation

It has been a very long time since I started to explore the self-help world and I have learned one very important thing about our creative power that like any other skill it also is honed with persistent efforts and practice.

Doesn’t matter if you are a personal development guru or a beginner, you use the same power and the universal laws to create your reality.

The difference between those who fail and the those who succeed depends on their ability to change themselves(inner beliefs) in a way that they become vibrationally aligned with their dreams.

Manifestation is all about changing the frequency of your vibrational state by altering your subconscious beliefs and the tool that helps you to do that most effectively and quickly is what you should choose.

Different methods work for different people so, a technique that enables you to attract what you want using the law of attraction may not work similarly for someone else.

Why? – The working method is the one that is interesting and filled with fun, it should engage your mind and make you generate positive emotions. If it is boring, it is not helpful, hence you will have to find out your working formula by testing all of them.

Don’t worry, I will make it simple for you by listing a few activities below that are very powerful, these are the best working ones because they will make you to feel the right emotions that will magnetize your energy field to attract what you desire.

8 Best Law of Attraction Techniques

1 Nevillize Your Goals

Want to crank your visualization process up a notch? Here is a method which enhances the power of your creativity.

Nevillizing is a visualization method that was introduced by Neville Goddard in which you actively live your visions unlike the usual sit and imagine technique.

For example, if you want to become a bestselling author, you can sit and talk to a journalist (imaginative figure) in front of you who is interviewing you regarding your book release.

Once you start using it regularly, I don’t think you will ever find any other visualization process so interesting.

2 Active Gratitude

There is no need to explain the power of gratitude because you might be already aware of it, but how you perform it matters a lot.

You must feel grateful innately and the feelings should be genuine.

You might have noticed that when you think of something good that happened after some time, the positive feelings are less intense than before.

I am not saying that you should not follow a particular daily gratefulness ritual, but this is something that you should add in your day to get some great results.

Set an intention to find the reasons to be grateful and whenever during your day something small or big happens that makes you happy, express your gratitude to the higher power immediately.

This active gratitude thing is something that should become your second nature so that you keep attracting good events one after another and that’s how you live life as a deliberate creator of your reality.

3 Vision Boards That Work

Vision boards are very good tools for communicating your desires to the universe and quicken the manifestation of your visions.

The problem is that people don’t know the right way to create and use them; this is why it becomes a boring task.

Making an awesome vision board is about enhancing your good feelings and making it a fun filled activity.

To know about a fruitful way to create vision boards read this post – How to Make a Vision Board That Really Works

4 Rampage of Appreciation

This one is my favorite methods from the ideas of Abraham Hicks presented in the book “Ask and It Is Given“. You can use your spare time to improve your vibrational state using this simple exercise.

All you have to do is to pick up something from your surroundings and start appreciating it, find as many reasons as possible to praise it.

For example, if you are standing in a queue and you see a mother taking care of her child, you can mentally think of the reasons to appreciate the motherly love and care. Likewise, you can pick up an object near you like a mobile and appreciate it for its various features or you can also think of some good moments of your life in which it played some kind of important role.

This activity may appear irrelevant to some people. However, it is one of the best ways to use your free time for changing your focus from negative thoughts to positive ones and open yourself to receive good things.

5 Modified Powerful Affirmations

When we talk about LOA methods, the talk is always incomplete without the mention of the positive affirmations.

I don’t use affirmations in the usual manner by just repeating positive statements, as I find it something being done at the surface level.

Yeah, you might already know that you should not use a negation in the sentence and you would have formulated them correctly, still it is of no use if you are not emotionally involved in the process.

I found something very awesome in Michael J. Losier’s “law of attraction” book. He makes you to alter your affirmation by adding the prefix “I am in the process of” in it.

Try saying “I am a millionaire” (if you are not) and then say “I am in the process of becoming a millionaire”, which one sounds better? I am sure the latter one because you believe in it since you find it more truthful.

6 Energy Healing

Manifestation happens when you have cleared the specific limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind that were stopping you from receiving what you have asked for.

All the LOA techniques, whether let it be affirmations or visualization, helps you to replace your old beliefs with the new positive ones, but one of the quickest ways to do this is with the use of energy healing.

Energy healing is a process where you bring the beliefs that were blocking the manifestations into your conscious awareness and then remove it (you may not have the awareness of such beliefs when someone else does this for you).

Many people think that energy healing is something that can only be performed by the  light-workers on people, but you can do it yourself at home using the methods I use for clearing my energy blocks.

7 Communicate with Your Subconscious Mind Before You Fall Asleep

Many people fail to realize the importance of the short period before one falls asleep.

The 10-20 minutes you take before falling asleep is the best time to communicate your intentions to your subconscious mind.

You can do this by using bed time affirmations or something even better would be to visualize your beautiful future at this time.

I prefer to do a small visualization before I sleep because that is the duration when our mind enters into the alpha state from the beta state.

In the alpha state our subconscious mind is wide open for receiving suggestions.

8 Ask Your Future Self

This is a very interesting, powerful and advanced technique that I learned from the unlimited abundance course, I have seen similar processes in many other programs also, but here I will talk about the one that I use.

This is a technique used to get inspirations and action steps to make your dreams come true.

First, imagine your future self the way you want, see that version of yourself having all the skills, qualities and accomplishments that you desire.

After visualizing this “future you” imagine a one on one counseling session with that figure and ask the necessary questions on how to reach to the place where they are right now.

This is a little psychological hack, doing this will enable you to get messages from your subconscious mind, so write down all the ideas you receive during this session and start working on it.

These ideas may look unwarranted sometimes, but do consider them as something very important because you really never know what will actually lead to your success.


I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favorite LOA methods? Share your views on this by commenting below.

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