7 Awesome Law of Attraction Techniques for Busy People

One of the main reasons why people don’t succeed with the law of attraction techniques is due to their inability to stay consistent with it, that’s why I will show you some methods here that you can use even if you are having the busiest day of your life.

Some of these methods will help you to get closer to your big goals; some of them will work better for manifesting your small wishes, whereas some will just bring you into a good emotional state so that you could have a great day.

I have made this list with the help of some quick to use methods I have learned from various books and programs. I have also modified some techniques so that it could be used by you during the short breaks you get from your busy schedule.

Here are the 7 LOA exercises that you can practice anytime, anywhere:-

1 – Rampage of Appreciation

Despite mentioning this exercise in many of my posts, I would still like to put it here because this is one of the best exercises I learned from the book “Ask and It Is Given”.

All you have to do is to pick something from your surrounding; it can be a person, an object, a situation or anything, and start appreciating it. But keep in mind that your thoughts about it should be honest.

For example, when you are walking in the street you can do it like this: –

I love walking like this, it gives me a break from the worries and it is also good for my health.

I like that restaurant, their food is great and the ambiance is just perfect.

This cold breeze is so lovely, I feel so relaxed and happy.

So, that’s how it is done, it may sound a little weird, but try it for a while before you decide. I have got into the state of flow many times with the use of this technique.

2 – I Have a Millionaire Mind

When it comes to using the law of attraction for money issues, I have never found anything more effective than T. Harv Eker’s “the spiritual laws of money program”, but the simple exercise that he teaches for altering one’s inner beliefs is something I would like to share with you here.

To do this, whenever you find yourself in any money related situation just observe your feelings and thoughts, if they are negative then formulate an affirmation that can dissolve the root belief associated with those thoughts and say it by keeping your hand on your heart. After doing this, put a finger on your head and say “I have a millionaire mind”

This simple declaration thing I learned from Harv has significantly changed my relationship with money, so I will share one of my experiences here to explain it better.

One day my uncle came to visit me and he gave some money to me while leaving, I wanted to refuse, but I wasn’t able to because he has done it since I was a kid and I can see that he actually liked giving me some money while saying goodbye.

However, I felt some kind of guilt and I realized that I feel this way whenever money shows up unexpectedly. Since I am now aware of how my inner mind works, I found out the root belief which was causing that feeling.

The belief was “it is wrong to receive money for nothing”. That is a very dangerous inner belief that can cause a lot of struggle in one’s life.

Here’s the declaration I used – I am happy to receive money in any way it would like to come to me, so I open the doors to abundance and prosperity.

All I had to do is to repeat this statement a couple of times whenever I felt that way again by placing my hand on my heart, then I would place a finger on my head and say “I have a millionaire mind”. Gradually I became comfortable in receiving unexpected money, thanks to Harv.

3 Ho’oponopono Process

I learned this from Joe Vitale’s Zero limits and it worked so well for me that I enrolled for the practitioner course to know more about it.

To do this you just have to say 4 statements whenever a negative situation arises, and things will begin to change. I am not saying that your problems will magically disappear, but I find this process quite effective because with the repeated use of these four statements I have had some very good results.

All you have to do is to mentally say: – (you are saying this to a higher power or you can call it your higher self)

I am sorry. (For in whatever way I have caused that situation, this is all about accountability)

Please forgive me. (For thinking thoughts, holding beliefs or taking action that has caused me this trouble)

Thank you. (For showing me what I needed to know)

I love you.

4 – Changing the Angle

Even if you are a pretty much spiritually advanced person, there would be times when you will feel a little jealous seeing someone who has something you desire.

In the terms of the law of attraction, whenever you feel jealous your thoughts are working against you. So whether consciously or unconsciously, if you have negative feelings for someone because they have what you want, then you are actually stopping yourself from having those things/qualities.

It is true that you can’t stop envying someone initially, but whenever you realize it, just understand that whatever you will say about this person will become your truth.

The next step is to deliberately shift your way of seeing them and mentally say to them “You Are Amazing” and then keep going on like “Wow, people love your company”, “ Such a confident person you are”, etc till you start feeling good.

5 – Story Mode Visualization

You know why visualization usually seems like a time-consuming process to people? It is because they feel that they have to prepare their mind first and they need more time to make the images appear.

It is true that visualization works best when you are relaxed but there is a way to make it a part of your busy life; I call it story mode visualization.

All you have to do is to close your eyes for a while when you get time and narrate a beautiful story (in the present tense) to yourself about a life in which you have all that you desire, it is not necessary that you should see something, just keep enjoying it as long as you can.

6 I Love Myself

The quickest way to change your life is through developing self-love, so you must do something about it every day.

People with a busy life don’t have much time to do any self-love activity. I believe that one should give preference to his emotional state over everything else because emotions are the fuel that gives us the energy to do other tasks.

So I would strongly advise you to give some time for the self-help activities regularly, however, I can share with you something using which you can increase your love for yourself without spending too much time on it. All you have to do is to say “I love myself” looking at the mirror a few times daily, remind yourself to do it whenever you see a mirror.

It may seem like an insignificant task on the surface level, but it changes the self-image you have in your subconscious mind.

7 Being Grateful for What Is

Many people keep a gratitude journal and they also have a particular gratitude time to express their gratefulness to the universe because they know that gratitude has the power to bend their reality, but I believe that more than the gratitude we express for big things that have happened in our lives it is important to feel good about the small things that make us happy.

So, whenever I feel happy about anything I close my eyes and say “thank you”, it could be something as small as a cup of coffee. No matter how busy you are, you can make this a habit right? It really helps you to feel more positive about life.


So these were some exercises that you can use in your busiest days, make them a part of your everyday life and I am sure that it will help you in manifesting your desires.

Apart from these, I also use energy clearing statements that I learned from the unlimited abundance course which has helped me to eliminate some of my biggest limiting belief.

What methods do you use to improve your emotional state? Is there something which has caused a major positive change in your life? What are your views about this? Do share your opinions by commenting below, I would highly appreciate that.

You can also email me your queries at hari@zerotoinfinitude.com.

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16 thoughts on “7 Awesome Law of Attraction Techniques for Busy People

  1. elementalmaster

    Hello, this article is very attracted to a very busy person like me who needs to juggle with many daily tasks and have a feel of constant exhaustion. I will be following on this website especially on law of attraction of self love, money and gratitude. These are quick ways that I can even apply. The article was not very lengthy or boring. Just keep on the good work.That’s all.

  2. jamin

    I practice the law of attraction when I was near bankruptcy. I believe the law of attraction wholeheartedly.
    It is indeed very useful even for busy people. Thanks for the sharing.

  3. Jackie

    I found your post really valuable. Of course, I know all these things and have many law of attraction books. Your post was a great reminder. In fact, I bookmarked it for a quick read whenever I need to be reminded. How long have you been working with law of attraction practices and how specifically has it made a difference in your life?

    1. HARI

      We all need to be reminded about such knowledge over and over again even after gaining it because our daily life problems makes us to forget them, that’s one of the reasons why this site focuses on such information. It has been more than 5 years since I have been learning about the universal laws. I will probably need a book to explain properly how all these lessons have changed my life, but I have made a post on 7 ways LOA changed my life and also I consider one of my biggest achievements yet is my online business so I have a post on how I used LOA in doing that as well which you may want to check out.

  4. Neil Brooks

    Hi, Hari, this is such a great article.

    A few years ago I was having a rough patch and practised the LoA and wrote down my wishes and all the things I was grateful for everyday, I would spend 10-15 mins everyday visualising my progress, seeing job offers come in, seeing my bank balance increase and going to work.

    I can honestly say, in my entire life, I never had so many job interviews, offers, I travelled all around to attend interviews, many I would be reimbursed for too, which was a first for me, and I went to an interview, and they called me back before I had gotten to the end of street and offered me the job, I had double the pay I was on previously and I did not know at the time, but two guys, I went to college with 20 years earlier, both worked at the same company so I became re-acquainted and discovered one lived less than 3 miles from me, who also led me to my next job.

    It was an amazing transformation and I fully believe in visualisation and seeing your success and also gratitude, and I try to be thankful every day for all I have and all I have had the chance to experience.

  5. ellia

    well I have tried everything but nothing. i am under a dry spell of the worse kind despite my positive mind, i actually think like a billionaire.. and yet..
    any ideas…?

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Ellia, read your own words “I am under a dry spell of the worse kind despite my positive mind”..your thoughts are contradictive, how can you feel like a billionaire when you are worried that money is not showing up?..You see, you can visualize eating pizza when you are full without doubts but when you are hungry, you cannot fool yourself.

      Work on clearing your limiting beliefs (read my post on dissolving limiting beliefs), attracting wealth is all about how our mind is programmed, you can use my energy clearing methods for doing this work, hope it works, all the best!

  6. jeffrey16201

    Very useful and informative article for busy people, these tips will be useful for the majority of people today. It seems everyone has more to do everyday than time, this can give us extra stress and anxiety which eventually can affect our health.

    I have found guided meditation breaks during my day has helped me slow down and recharge my batteries, I also am much less stressed out at the end of my day and I even am sleeping much better.

    1. HARI

      Yes, meditation is like a refresh button for the mind and it has countless benefits, I wish everyone will start realizing that soon like you.

  7. Dawna

    Love your post! I totally resonate with that stuff, awesome how you mentioned Ho’oponopono. I actually use to practice it on people, it is a very powerful technique. I’m going to have to bookmark your site and come back to there are a lot of useful tips on here. I need the universe to work in my favour, it hasn’t lately. Thanks again.

    1. HARI

      Yes, that method is very powerful, I have recommended that to a lot of people. The simplicity of it sometimes deceives the mind but it is very effective. So happy that the content resonates with your way of thinking, Dawna, thank you so much for your comment 🙂


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