Yoni Mudra Method, Meditation and Benefits

Yoni is a Sanskrit word which means uterus/womb, this mudra got the name Yoni Mudra because it makes the practitioner detached from the worldly issues like a baby in its mother’s womb.

This practice is also known by the names Bhramari pranayama and Shanmukhi mudra. Bhramari means bumble bee and it is so named since during this process, you make a gentle humming sound like a bee.

If you will practice this simple mudra regularly you will be able to protect your energy from other people’s energies and your mind will remain unaffected from the power games and emotional dramas in which others are usually involved.

Steps to Perform Yoni Mudra Method

  • Sit in a peaceful comfortable place in the lotus posture.
  • Keep your back and head straight. (You can also use a floor chair)
  • Close your ears by applying pressure with your thumbs.
  • Place your index fingers on your eyes.
  • Apply light pressure on your nostrils using your middle fingers.
  • Place your ring fingers above your upper lips and little fingers below your lower lips.

The Yoni Mudra Meditation: –

Once you have followed the above steps, practice this meditation exercise to increase the benefits of this yogic posture: –

  • Take a deep breath in and close your nostrils by pressing it with your middle fingers.
  • Pause for a few moments, release the pressure slightly by keeping the nostrils half closed and exhale gradually by making a humming sound.
  • Doing this must vibrate the different parts of your face, especially where you have kept your fingers.
  • Once you have exhaled wait for sometime before breathing in again, during this period stay completely alert and observe all the sensations and feelings in your body.

Yoni Mudra Benefits: –

  • It calms down your mind and helps you to achieve greater inner peace.
  • Balances the activities of right and left hemispheres of your brain.
  • Shields your energy from others.
  • Gives a break to your sense organs.
  • Makes you energized and rejuvenated.
  • A good tool for dealing with various mind related problems like anxiety, stress, anger, depression, etc.
  • Very helpful in enhancing the effects of meditation since one can achieve more focus using this mudra.


  • Brahmamuhurtha, the early morning time is best for doing this mudra and meditation.
  • Prefer to keep a time gap of at least 3 hours after eating.
  • Yoni mudra is very helpful when it is done with other yogic exercises.
  • Do not make a loud humming noise, but also do it in a way that it generates the vibration.


Here is a video I found on YouTube that demonstrates this whole process nicely: –


I hope you enjoyed this post, I recommended the book “Anantomy of Hatha Yoga” if you want to gain a deeper understanding of Hatha yoga (Mudra methods).

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