“Brahmamuhurtha” the Best Time to Meditate and Visualize-Reaching the Alpha State of Mind

“Brahma Muhurta”, is a Sanskrit term that’s widely used in Yogic literature for denoting the early morning hour before sunrise which is also called the God’s hour or creator’s hour. This time duration occurs approximately one and a half hours before sunrise, some say that it is the 48-minute time period that happens 48 minutes prior to sunrise and it is considered the best time for meditation, yoga, or visualization.

There is no specific clock time to accurately point out this time duration, it may vary according to your geographical location and also changes with the seasons of the year, the only way to know what is the exact brahma muhurta hour in your region is to calculate it based on when the sun rises wherever you are at any particular season of the year.

The reason why they say that these particular hours of the day are the best time to meditate is because our mind is less active during this time so it becomes easy to go into the deeper states of meditation during these hours.

Yogis would take a bath about two hours before sunrise and sit in the lotus posture during these hours to connect with the divine, pure positive energy as they find it easy to stop the “mind chatter” at this time of the day.

The Alpha State of the Mind

The alpha state of the mind is the state between the beta stage (wake state of the mind) and theta state (deep sleep state) in which our subconscious mind is wide open to receive suggestions.

The early morning hours have always been considered the best time to meditate, visualize, or induce lucid dreams because that is the time when our mind easily reaches the alpha state as we are not completely awake yet we are conscious.

Jose Silva, in his book “The Silva Mind Control Method” used this time to pass suggestions and powerful positive ideas to our subconscious mind. You can find mentions of this particular hour in various inspirational books.

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“Brahma” is the name of a Hindu god who is considered the god of creation; he represents the “creative ability” of our inner being and “muhurtha” means any particular time period of the day. So, the term “Brahmamuhurtha” means the “creative hour of the day” and that is why visualizations are so powerful at this particular time duration.

So it all boils down to the fact that our mind is in the alpha state during this early morning hour and we can utilize it by preferring to practice meditation during this time period that occurs about half an hour before sunrise.

How Much Do Our Thoughts Depend on the Clock Timing?

It is very obvious that our mood and state of mind change according to the hours of the day. Usually, we all feel a lot of positive energy during the morning and evening hours.

There is a biological clock inside us that operates according to the programming of our subconscious mind, this mind programming depends upon our exposure to the usual activities of society and people around us as we were growing up. This clock also manages our sleep/wake cycles, which means that it can also make us feel lethargic or active at times.

Moreover, food intake also has an impact on our mind states and the more our digestion system will be at ease, the slower and more controlled will be the flow of thoughts.

Practicing pure positive thoughts undoubtedly increases the probability of more joyful hours every day, but, there are particular hours when we feel easy and relaxed naturally.

Fixing a Specific Time to Meditate

It is wise to fix a specific time to meditate and visualize, as meditating at a particular time of the day trains our mind to easily achieve the“lesser thoughts” state at that specific hour after a bit of practice.

You can definitely prefer “Brahma muhurta” as the time for meditation and would be very effective indeed, but, I believe that a person must choose the time to meditate according to their convenience because the most important thing is to stay relaxed and enjoy the process.

It makes no sense to wake up before dawn when you sleep at 12 pm. One should take at least 6 hours of sleep in order to stay healthy mentally and physically.


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