6 Common Myths about Self Love – Self Love Is Not Selfishness

In order to live a joyful life and to positively influence people, one should fill himself with so much love that it must get radiated to others.

This post is in continuation to the post named “Our Natural State of Existence-Allowing the Energy of Love to Flow“.

A person is actually alive only when he is in love with his own existence, but often the concept of self-love is misinterpreted.

Here, I am going to shed light on the 6 most common myths about self-love, these myths are a result of misinterpreting the actual meaning behind the message of loving oneself.

These are few common false beliefs about self love that I have come to know about and these misconceptions are actually quite the opposite of what  “self love” really is:-

#MYTH 1- Self Love Is Selfishness

Loving oneself and giving the first priority to one’s own happiness is not selfish. How can a person who himself is not in a joyful mood could make any other person happy?

Taking actions without considering other’s feelings is what selfishness is, but making a decision to do something that gives a person joy is not selfish and it is the quality of self love, there is a fine line between these two which could only be understood by keeping a broader perspective.

#MYTH 2- People Who Love Themselves Are Self Centered

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Self Centered people are too much involved in their own issues without even considering other’s life, whereas self love is appreciating one’s own as well us other’s viewpoints and opinions.

People who love themselves are mostly in a very joyful and serene state of mind which means they are wide open to help, listen and support others.

Unlike self centered people, they don’t seek approval from others because they have their own approval of being perfect “as they are”.

#MYTH 3-Loving Yourself Makes You Too Opinionated

Among all the six myths illustrated here, this one is a bit close to the actuality.

People who are in love with themselves are a bit dogmatic about their optimistic ideas and won’t accept any “negative” opinion from others, but this does not mean that they do not hear what others have to say.

Loving oneself means to respect other people’s beliefs and appreciating them for what they choose to be, but being open only to those “ideas” that are positive and fulfilling.

It is quite easy- Hear what they have to say, but accept only what feels good to you.

#MYTH 4- Self Loving People Are Atheistic

Self loving people believe in their own abilities so much that people often tend to believe that they do not believe in god.

Believing in supreme power is not at all related to self love.

In-fact, one of the basic steps of a spiritual journey is to develop love for one’s own existence.

#MYTH 5- Self Love Is All about Looks and Appearances

People who love themselves surely do care about their looks, but they don’t do it to get attention of others instead they do it because they honor their physical appearance.

One cannot develop self love by focusing too much on their physical appearance and by getting a lot of attention from others because of their looks.

No matter what your looks are from the eyes of others, once you develop love for yourself, you will automatically stand in front of the mirror to let the world know what you are inside, your looks will start reflecting your love for yourself.

#MYTH 6- People Who Love Themselves Have Weak Relationships

Self love is not about leaving negative people and breaking toxic relationships.

Self loving people do not expect others to make them happy, they are naturally happy and they love others unconditionally.

Loving oneself does not mean to run away from people who are negative; instead it is about focusing towards what is positive in every situation.

Self love is about choosing what is good for you and admiring the fact that others have their own free will.

When you develop self love, all your relationships starts to improve and get stronger. If there are people in your life who are dissatisfied and unhappy then it is about them and not you, so, they may get away from you until they find their own source of happiness.


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