Our Natural State of Existence-Allowing the Energy of Love to Flow

“Love” is a magical word, we can never measure anybody’s love for us or our love for them, and it could only be felt emotionally.

Anything we experience in our life, our conscious mind judges it and compares it with the past experiences to label it as “good” or “bad”, we think that what we have labeled here as “good” is what we love, but this label is always subjected to change because we were not feeling good for what was happening “out there” instead we were feeling good about “the idea or the thought” that dominated our mind in any particular moment.

Is Love an Illusion?

If we feel joy because of our own thoughts, then is love an illusion?

If our state of happiness does not depend on any external factor then is it all a game played by our EGO which decides what we love or hate?

Yes, “hatred” is an illusion indeed and it is a very persistent and strong one, but, love is our true nature.

We are made up of love and our inner being has love for everything outside as well as inside us.

There is no opposite to the energy of love as it is the only truth that exists, love is the appreciation our inner being has for everything in this world, we feel joy not because something is “good” or “bad” outside us, we feel joy because we allow our natural love to flow freely when we release any judgment about what we are focusing at any specific moment.

A Knowledge That Is Hard to Accept

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I completely agree that the concept of unconditional love is very hard to be accepted and to be realized ,but, whether we understand it or not it is “all that is”…

We are judging everything in our life on both conscious and unconscious level based on our past experiences and the programming of our subconscious mind.

Let us take an example of a baby that is free of any subconscious programming apart from what it has inherited from its mother, doesn’t matter if a sinner or a saint is going to cuddle it, the baby will feel the love if the other person is in a good vibration at that particular moment.

The Law of Polarity

The law of polarity says that there is an opposite of everything present in this universe and there are always two sides (a dark side and a bright side) to everything that exists.

So, we can say that “love” should also have an opposite, but, it is not true.

In fact, it is “Love” according to which the law of polarity operates; love is the energy that decides the dark and the bright sides of anything in this universe.

It is the “lack of love” that forms any opposite, you can give a term to it like “hatred or evil” but there is only energy of love in this universe and every opposite is formed from the resistance to the flow of this energy.

The Power of Intention

No matter how the circumstances are and how people behave, we can turn their brighter side towards us with the power of our intention.

Haven’t you seen the grumpy people behaving well with some particular individuals?  Why do some people get attention and love everywhere they go?

People may call it luck ,but, one has to understand that by filling up his life with the vibrations of love he will only attract like conditions in his life.

How to Bring Forth the Brighter Side of Everything

We don’t have any control over anybody’s life, they have their “free will” to love us or hate us, but we have the power to attract loving people and conditions in our life, and to bring forth the brighter side of everything when we are around.

There is no magic mantra to fix everything in one day, this is a learning process and the outer world will be our progress report card for the work we do in order to improve our inner world.

We can change our outer world when we start to love ourselves; we seek approval from others because our inner child craves for love.

“Self love” is the only key to attract love and joy in our life, if you liked this post then you might also want to read my post “6 Myths about Self-Love“.


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