Healing Emotional Pain Caused by Bad Childhood Memories

In this post, we will focus on getting over bad childhood memories so that we could live peacefully in the present life of ours.

We all have had some kind of painful memories in childhood but hardly anyone of us knows how those past events can affect our current reality.

Although movies and fiction works have exaggerated psychological problems by giving it names like “mommy issues” and “daddy issues” based on why people date certain kind of people, what we must actually understand is that our current life is hugely affected by our childhood.

Yes, of course, this is something very much important for people who have had a terrible childhood but more importantly, even those childhoods that seems like a happy one is not always perfect because many a time we have some long-forgotten painful memories affecting our present life in some way of which we are not aware at all right now.

And by using the term “painful” I don’t mean something that must necessarily feel bad right now, you could have been hurt by someone’s harsh words of which you are not at all aware on the conscious level.

I am not saying you should worry about such things, but if you find your life repeating some similar patterns then you must consider doing some work on your subconscious mind so that it could detach itself from a memory that makes it play similar life conditions all over again, but only in varying contexts.

From the disturbing childhood that’s obvious in some people’s cases to the unknown factors that decide the nature of your present life, it all can be solved using various methods.

I find hypnotherapy very helpful for this purpose because it lets you find out the root causes of your current problems and then you can fix it by letting go of the impressions that your inner mind might be still holding onto.

Childhood Events Causes Present Life Problems

Every person’s mind picks up thoughts, beliefs, and ideas during their childhood because a kid’s mind is open to receive suggestions.

These suggestions forms beliefs and based on this our mindsets are created, this is what makes us perceive the world in a way we currently do. Everything about our personality is directly associated with the self-image we have in our subconscious mind.

This is why I focus a lot on the personal development of kids here on my blog because the ideas their mind is picking up right now will shape their future.

When we grow up we develop a conscious mind which acts like a guard to any information that enters our awareness, the problem here is that since we are now having a conscious mind, our “self-image” remains the same as we formed it while growing up and we have certain life patterns that never seem to leave us because we are creating all of it unknowingly.

Our subconscious mind is like a kid, it does not understand the adult language, you may say “I want to be a billionaire” and it might be holding on to “Mama said rich people are mean, I don’t want to be rich because then I will be a mean person too”.

Nobody can exactly say what particular impression in your system might be causing a certain problem in your life, you may be sure about something but it could prove out to be a totally different belief, so it becomes necessary for one to use a good tool to communicate effectively with their powerful subconscious mind.

Working on Your Subconscious Mind Using Hypnotherapy

Your problem could be something that is well known to you, it could be a low self-esteem or trust issues caused by the belief “Not being loved by parents” or it can be a more subtle one like not being able to make new friends due to the old fear of “bullies in school”.

You see, sometimes the cause of a certain problem in our lives could be a belief we formed in our childhood which does not make any sense to us right now, it is like that, so all you need to do is to use hypnotherapy by trusting the process.

Let me give you an example from one of my experiences while using Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life program:-

I know very well that both being helpful to others and not being afraid of asking for help is a sign of an emotionally healthy person but I always have trouble in letting people know that I need their help.

Let me make you aware of a fact, if you are someone who does not think twice before asking other’s help then you naturally might be very good at making friends since people like being able to offer help to others (with some exceptions, of course, god bless them).

Many self-help programs will tell you that this is caused by low self-esteem because asking for help is seen as an act of weakness by many people. I agree to that, working on self-esteem is necessary and I did, but when I used that program, I found something so important about this whole “help” thing.

I was working on the symptom, not cause.

The cause was a childhood incidence that made me fearful of asking help (fear of rejection is something many people are affected from), this memory that came up was so old that I hardly ever could have figured it out on the conscious level.

As a kid, I wanted to learn riding scooter and there was a guy in my neighborhood who had a scooter that was just perfect for my training because it was comparatively smaller than other scooters, so it would not have been much difficult for me to handle.

So I kept asking this guy to help me with learning how to ride a scooter and he kept postponing it until one day my request pissed him off and he said: “Look, kiddo, I am not your dad so better you don’t ask me the next time”.

That kind of a rude response to a kid may not seem like that big a deal to an adult but children are far more sensitive than adults can ever be.

It was during that hypnosis session I realized the memory had a deep impact on me because some part of me was still living that situation and obviously, asking for help didn’t seem to be a good idea to my inner mind.

Hence I worked on that particular impression and it really became easier for me to ask other people’s help in various situations, it is always astonishing to know how our subconscious mind works really.

If you find yourself lacking in some area of your life or if your current circumstances are not just seeming to work out in your favor, then I highly recommend you to try hypnotherapy.

You can always try self-hypnosis or go to a well-known hypnotherapist for this purpose, but since Marisa Peer’s “transformational hypnotherapy” that I learned in her uncompromised life program is what has helped me to make some big changes in my life, I will suggest that program to you if you too are willing to clear the childhood memories that are not serving you well.

Here’s a very awesome speech by Marisa on how the belief “I am not enough affects our lives”:- (It’s a must-watch one, she shares stories of celebrities who were sabotaging their life because of certain childhood memories)

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