6 Tips For Beginners to Lucid Dream Easily

Lucid dreaming is a very interesting art to learn because it can help a person to use his dreams for fun purpose as well as for spiritual growth, some people are very fortunate that they don’t find it very hard to get their first lucid dream whereas many people struggle with it and get discouraged soon after starting.

The major reason behind failure to get the first lucid dream is “trying too hard”, the harder you try the worse it gets!

There are so many methods for controlling your dreams and to dream what you want but beginners should not focus on these deep methods instead they should get a grip on the basics.

We are enlisting 6 simple tips here by following which you can get your first lucid dream easily.

1 – Dream Recall and Dream Journal

We have discussed this earlier and it of course is the basic as well as most important practice for learning lucid dreaming.

Keep a neat and well maintained dream journal near your bed always and write all your dreams as soon as you wake up, just write whatever you remember and be sure to write it all in the present tense. (Like do not write – “I was in huge dark room”, but write it as if it is happening now-“I am in a huge dark room”)

2 – Wake  Up Time

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Set your alarm clock a hour back than your usual waking time, as soon as you get up fill your dream journal and go back to sleep imagining the last dream and imagining as if you were lucid in it, use your creativity to continue that dream the way you want it to be. (This visualization is a basic part of the MILD method)

3 – Reality Checks

Reality checks are very essential for getting lucid. Make it a habit to perform  reality checks during wake hours regularly.

Try to move things at will, push hands through wall, looking at your hand and counting fingers etc, they are weird (make sure no one watches you to avoid any embarrassment..lol) but they are very powerful.

Doing reality checks in daily hours will cause your mind to perform it in dreams which will make you aware that you are dreaming.

4 – Read Books or Watch Movies Related to Dreams

Reading few pages of some interesting lucid dreaming books before going to bed or watching dream related movies can help a lot to get a lucid dream because the mind becomes so much engaged with that idea.

Reading lucid dreaming stories or blogs before going to bed is also a very good option.

5 – Talk With Friends

Talking about your dreams with friends is a very good way to recall more dreams and to get more aware of the dreams.

Find people who like to talk about their dreams and discuss it with them.

6 – Eat Less Before Bedtime

Eating less before sleep or giving a good gap between dinner and sleep is a healthy as well as important habit which increases the frequency of getting lucid dreams as well.

If body gets good sleep in first 4-5 hours then the chances of getting a lucid dream becomes greater in the hours close to wake up timings, for this it is important to keep the digestive system is at ease.

By following the above 6 points, I believe anyone can get their first lucid dream soon, and then slowly they can proceed to further techniques.


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