Induce a Lucid Dream Tonight – 7 Lucid Dreaming Movies

Lucid dreamers often have to face times when they stop getting any lucid dreams, there are many reasons for this and one of them could be the lack of a strong intention.

In the wake stage a person may show high interest towards lucid dreams but subconsciously he may hold ideas that can negate any chance of him to become conscious inside his dreams.

For beginners who have tried lucid dreaming steps with no success, this could be a major reason.

Is There Any Solution for This?

Yes, the solution for this problem is to stop worrying about it and plant your wish to have lucid dreams in your subconscious mind in a way that is easy and simple.

When we release the extreme need of having a lucid dream and side by side we also keep ourselves interested in it, the probability of getting lucid dreams increases.

To do this, you will have to engage your mind in some dream related activity before sleeping.

This could be done by reading a lucid dreaming book at your bedtime or you can also prefer to watch movies that are related to lucid dreaming before sleeping.

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I am going to list my favorite lucid dreaming movies here, these 7 movies will make your mind interested in the dreams activities while you get entertained, some of these movies have great messages as well.

1- Waking Life

The reason I gave it the number one spot is because it focuses on the deeper purpose for which lucid dreams can be used, it inspires a person to use lucid dreams to communicate with his wise inner self in order to unveil the knowledge that can lead to profound realizations.

This is an animated movie and the quality isn’t that good, but the ideas expressed in the movie will make you very curious about the nature of reality. This movie is a creative masterpiece which makes us to think beyond limits.

2- Inception

There is no need to mention this most popular lucid dreaming movie, which has done a great job of making people more interested in their dream world and made us aware of the possibility that our sense of “the world” might be entirely subjective.

3- Vanilla Sky

This Tom Cruise movie, which is a mix of romance and suspense will make you think about dreams deeply. The movie interesting and it highlights how one’s dream world is pretty much similar to the real one.

4- Paprika

Another animation movie based on a dream adventure of therapists, if you are a fan of weird adventurous stories then this one is for you.

5- The Good Night

A guy who is reaching to a miserable point of his life, finds his true love in his dreams; a dream character teaches him some great lessons of life.

This is something that is pretty much possible in the dream world, I have met many figures in my lucid dreams who have answered many of my questions. It is a way to receive guidance from your higher self.

6- Dreamscape

A movie from 80’s that focuses on the concept of dream sharing, it won’t be surprising if you find that inception was inspired by this story.

7- The Science of Sleepthe science of sleep

This is a dream comedy movie in which the lead character is confused between reality and the dream world.

I would suggest you to watch the science of sleep when you want to improve your mood while you are also willing to make your mind more curios about your dream world.



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