Taking Vitamin B6 for Lucid Dreaming- Know It before Trying!

Many people have a high success rate of getting a lucid dream when they take Vitamin B6 pills just before going to bed, but is it really advisable?
I do not advise you to take any shortcuts for getting lucid dreams.

I never tried vitamin B6 for lucid dreaming, however as a beginner I tried the mustard seeds before going to bed(contains high amount of melatonin that helps to get vivid dreams) but it didn’t help  me that much, then I found that my “trying too hard” made it more difficult for me to get my first lucid dream.


Lucid dreaming is a skill that could be mastered like any other skill in natural ways as we discussed in “steps for lucid dreaming“.

What Is The Role of Vitamin B6 Here?


Vitamin B6 is essential for healthy functioning of brain; it is found that it helps to make dreams more vivid and easy to recall.

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As we know, when dreams are recalled easily the probability of getting lucid dreams increases and this could be the reason behind people finding it useful for getting a lucid dream.


 What Should Be the Dosage?


Many lucid dreamers find taking 100 mg Vitamin B6 pills safe and effective before bed time  but we do not advise you to try it without any medical guidance as it has few risks.

Is There Any Alternative?


Of course, many vegetables and whole grains do contain vitamin B6 and they could be used as an alternative to these pills.

Bananas also have vitamin B6, so you could try eating them before your sleep time.

Is This Really Going To Work?


Well, the success rate of getting a lucid dream with Vitamin B6 is very high according to many lucid dreamers who have tried it.

Our best advice for you in order to become a good lucid dreamer would be to follow the proper lucid dreaming steps and to opt some good program like lucid dream fast track instead of trying any risky method.


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