Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Review- Does It Work?

The lucid dreaming fast track program is now a part of the world of lucid dreaming academy which is an online training community where a lot of experts from this field come together to help you become a lucid dreamer whereas they provide you with the essential guidance that will enable you to explore your dream world and benefit from the potential of unlocking your inner mind powers with the help of this skill.  
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In this review of the lucid dreaming fast track course created by Rebecca Turner, I will be giving you complete detail about this course and the materials you will get as a member of the world of lucid dreaming academy. What you will be getting in this program is a pack of digital resources in addition to the main material which is an e-book created by Rebecca that has now been transferred to an online study module of their membership where they teach you various aspects of lucid dreaming. As a member of this community, you will be able to join a group of people who are on the same journey as you and you will get access to various tools on their website that you can use to learn the art of lucid dreaming.

This particular study material from Rebecca is useful for both beginners and advanced lucid dreamers because it not only contains information about how you can start to have your first few lucid dreams but it also takes this skill to higher levels. This program has helped more than 4000 members of their community to become experienced lucid dreamers, whereas, the main material of this program has been used by more than 30,000 people since its inception.

About the Authors

Rebecca Turner is an experienced lucid dreamer who has taught this skill to a lot of people with her popular world of lucid dreaming website and her course materials.

The author claims to have learned this skill in her early teens and she has composed her program with techniques and methods that are well capable to train beginners as well as regular lucid dreamers to upgrade to the advanced levels. She used to work as a journalist in London before she moved to New Zealand to follow her passion by writing the content on lucid dreaming which resulted in the creation of the world of lucid dreaming website. After that, she went on to create the course that has evolved throughout the years as the training module that you are now getting in this program.

The editor of the website is Chris Hammond who gave a new shape to what Rebecca began as a lucid dreaming blog and her initial module of the home study program. Chris is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and he now has collaborated with some expert conscious dreamers to bring you the advanced version of this program that was founded by Rebecca.

About the Program

Lucid dreaming fast trackAs a member of this program, you will gain access to the exclusive portal of their home website where you can download the course materials that will teach you everything about lucid dreaming from the beginner level to the advanced stage. The main material of this program is a 30-day module of the online course based on Rebecca’s book which will train you in a strategic way by giving you the techniques and methods to become a lucid dreamer.

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In this module, you will be taught various lucid dreaming skills in 3 phases. The first phase is priming in which you will be introduced to the world of lucid dreaming and your mind will be prepared for exploring the world of conscious dreaming. This is the part of the course that will not only generate your interest further in lucid dreaming but will also make you accustomed to the technicalities of conscious dreaming.

The next is the induction phase where you will be introduced to the lucid dreaming techniques that really work and you will get clear guidance on each of these methods. This is where you will learn some of the basic as well s complicated lucid dreaming techniques like the WILD technique, the MILD technique, dream visualization methods, self-hypnosis exercises, etc. You will also learn here various ways to deal with some of the lucid dreaming problems like false awakening and sleep paralysis. They also give you specific guidance on converting your false awakenings and sleep paralysis into lucid dreams and you will be shown how you can deal with your nightmares as a conscious dreamer.

The third phase of this program is the exploration phase which is an advanced level of information that you will be able to put to use only when you have mastered the skill with consistent practice. Here, you will be taught how you can use your imagination to create your dreamscape as well as the plot for the dreams whereas you will also be guided on how you can summon dream characters at will. This part of the program dives deep into the abilities of the inner mind and the possibilities of lucid dreaming by teaching you how you can communicate with your subconscious mind with the help of your dreams and how can you use this skill as a therapy to overcome anxiety, phobias, and depression.

With the training modules, you will also get some audio tools that are based on guided meditation and brainwave entrainment. The course material incorporates audio meditation tools that are intended for inducing lucid dreams. The guided meditation that you will receive is very effective for communicating to your subconscious mind about your intention to become aware in your dreams. They use auto-suggestions to communicate with your subconscious mind about the intention to have lucid dreams which will result in your mind working to carry out your intention when you are asleep. Also, the brainwave entrainment tracks will relax your mind to bring you into a state where your inner mind is open to receiving suggestions.

The basic membership to the world of lucid dreaming academy gives you unlimited access to the course and the audio tools, this membership also lets you explore the social and community features. Their other two memberships include a one-year access option and the unlimited access option to their social network for lucid dreamers where you can create or join private groups to meet with other members of this community in order to learn from them and discuss everything you learn in your lucid dream journey, they also provide you with monthly expert interviews and live QnA along with private forums and their 24×7 online chat where you can get instant reply for your queries.

Final Advice

This program has been present for more than 9-years now and I have seen it from its initial stage to how it has evolved throughout these years up to now. From what I can see, the main material of this program is something that has not changed much, Rebbeca’s book was quite impressive back then and now it has been converted into a comprehensive training module that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in lucid dreaming. As a training program, the material that you will get in this package is something that will be beneficial for you to have your first lucid dream whereas it will act as a guide for you lifelong because it covers a lot of areas of conscious dreaming which will become very useful for you in your lucid dreaming journey.

I have been recommending this particular program in many of my posts because it is something that I have found to be complete material on this subject that can help you to evolve from beginner level to the advanced stages. They offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee with this package, so you get about a month of time to try and test the techniques provided in this course material so that you can also see for yourself whether the information and tools are useful for you or not. I can guarantee that most people will definitely have their first few lucid dreams if they follow this training regularly but to be able to try some of the complicated feats possible with lucid dreaming that’s mentioned in phase III of the module, you need regular practice and consistency with what you will learn in the phase I and phase II of the training module.

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