7 Tips for Opening Your Third Eye Chakra-A Portal to Your Spiritual World

Third eye, also called as the sixth chakra of our energy body is considered as the source for intuitive insights.

Sometimes pineal gland of the brain is also said to be the center where the third eye exist, however one cannot be completely sure about this because that particular portion of the human brain has been a debatable subject for a long time.

Some people claim that the pineal gland’s function is only to produce a few essential hormones and some say that it is a portal between a person’s spiritual world and the physical world.

However, we can be certain about one thing that is the pineal gland produces some hormones that regulates a person’s sleep cycle and according to it we can assume that it has some role to play in the serenity and flow of thoughts which definitely has a lot to do with the energy body of a person.

Opening up the third eye refers stimulating the sixth chakra, which actually indicates the state of being highly intuitive and the complete opening of the third eye is the state of enlightenment.

Opening the third eye or activating the sixth chakra is not a process that could happen overnight, one has to be determined enough to develop himself step by step by being a learner , it actually is a lifelong process.

Here I am going to enlist 7 ways to open your third eye that will help you to develop your psychic sense:-


1 Meditation

Meditating everyday for few minutes will help you to calm down your mind chattering which will result in the stimulation of your sixth chakra.

Tratak Meditation is one of the best known meditations for opening the third eye.

2 Mindfulness Activities

Being mindful in your daily activities is another way to do it because you are bringing your mind into the present moment, so it opens up the doors to receive intuitional messages.

3 Connecting with the Nature

In order to become more aware and conscious one has to take his time to connect with the nature. Daily nature walk, visiting serene places during weekend etc is a good step for your spiritual nourishment.

4 Being Playful

Highly intuitive people are very playful, playing prediction games or trying to guess the thoughts of other people is a good way to become more intuitive.

5 Creative Visualization

People who use their imagination power a lot are often highly intuitive. Creative visualization is usually used for manifesting desires, but those who are good with their visual ability are also very psychic. So, practicing and playing with your creative visualization power is a very good tool for opening up your third eye.

6 Yoga

Doing yoga clears the energy blocks allowing the creative power to flow freely through our body; this naturally stimulates all the chakras.

7 Inner Tratak or Third Eye Meditation

Inner tratak is a good meditation for opening the third eye.


Sit in a comfortable posture, be sure to keep your back straight and start taking deep breaths.

Once you feel relaxed, close your eyes and concentrate on the part slightly above the area between your eyebrows.

Keep taking deep slow breaths and concentrate, release any thought that keeps coming while doing this.

Recommended duration for this meditation is 10-15 minutes daily, you can keep on extending it with practice.


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4 thoughts on “7 Tips for Opening Your Third Eye Chakra-A Portal to Your Spiritual World

  1. arsh khan

    Dear Sir,
    Sir your thought and your all article on Third Eye is very appreciable and very useful for us.I read your all updates Thank you for ur endless efforts

  2. Seanna

    Thank you.

    Can you help me to understand the connection between the 6th and 7th chakras? If opening the 6th chakra is enlightment, what happens when we open the 7th? I had an experience where my yoga teacher placed his handa on my head while I was doing yogic breathing, and somehow, it was as if a large, incredibly beautiful, softly but brilliantly gleaming rectangular (pillow shaped) gem was *put* into my head. Was that my 6th or 7th chakra? What is the purpose of the 7th?

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      That’s a very interesting thing that happened to you , since we all have unique spiritual experiences it would not be appropriate if I label yours. Still, I think it could have been some sort of change happened in your energy when your instructor put his hand on your head Seanna.

      Enlightenment is not essentially something which results from the opening of the chakras, one can have the prana flowing freely through all his chakras still would not have experienced the state of enlightenment.

      But, an activated crown chakra is a near awakening stage. I hope it answered your question.


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