Don’t Wait for the Right Time-The Law of Attraction Requires Action!

Some people think that the law of attraction is some kind of magic that will drop goodies in their lap, but working with your thoughts and vibrations needs you to take inspired actions.

Using creative visualization, writing your goals and working with your thoughts alone is not enough for the manifestation of your desires, a person has to be ready and aware to act on the inspirations he receives.

In truth, a person who is consistently thinking about a goal can never sit and wait. It is pretty obvious that when you want something with all you heart, you will always be doing something to move towards it, but if you are setting goals that you don’t believe you can achieve then you will be stuck where you are and later you will find thousand reasons to say that the law of attraction is a crap.

Role of Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind while Using the Law of Attraction

While there is too much emphasis on the role of subconscious mind and the inner beliefs that decides our point of attraction, people tend to ignore the fact that our conscious mind is the gateway to our subconscious mind.

Creative visualization and other mind tools are very essential to change our subconscious programming, but one has to be aware enough to catch the inspiring ideas and act on it without caring much about the results, for that one has to be willing to move.

If a person is confused that “this idea is not good /it is not possible/such a trivial step is of no use” then even after doing so much personal development activities he is sending a wrong message to his subconscious mind, that is like one step forward and two steps backwards.

Small Action Steps Will Keep You Motivated

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You will never be able to know if an idea is good or bad unless you work on it. We humans have this tendency to find a lot of reasons to not work on a particular idea, whenever we get an idea we make so many excuses to ourselves till we forget about it.

Looking at it with an unbiased perspective will make us realize how foolish it is to decide the possibility of an idea not working without even trying it out.

We refuse the idea of applying for new jobs, moving to new places, writing a book, learning something new, etc with excuses like “that is a waste of time and energy”, much more than that little time and energy is lost when one does not act on new ideas.

Universe Loves Action

Even if you are taking actions like opting for new personal development programs, buying new self help books, working with the law of attraction tools, etc then you are sending out a message to universe that you want to move forward.

A person who stands where he is without doing anything to move towards his goal is simply using all his creative energy to keep himself stuck.

Universe loves motion and changes, we should  keep ourselves in the state of flow or we will be using our energy to push against the fast flow of life stream which will result only in our own loss.


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