Tratak Meditation Method

Tratak meditation method is one very powerful ancient practice that can help a person to make some very significant spiritual progress.

People also call it fixed gazing meditation because this technique is all about fixing your eye and focus on external objects so that you could use it as an instrument to become more aware of your mind activities.

This meditation requires you to be persistent with your efforts for a very long time before you expect to see any significant change in yourself.

Various Forms of Tratak Meditation

As I have mentioned, this method makes you gaze at an external object so, you have many options available to choose from and four such well-known types of Tratak are: –

  • Tratak on a flame – Here the practitioner puts his focus on the flame of a candle or oil lamp. (known as Diya Tratak in Hindi)
  • Tratak on a point on wall or board – A practitioner here gains a greater ability to focus by gazing on a dark spot drawn on the wall or board.(known as Bindu Tratak in Hindi)
  • Mirror Tratak – Here the practitioner observes his mirror reflection. ( also known as Darpan Tratak in Hindi)
  • Tratak on an image -This done by concentrating on any particular image, it could be some picture related to your faith or religion.

Tratak Meditation Benefits

  • Provides greater ability to focus.
  • Increases will power.
  • Allows you to be more intuitive.
  • Opens doors for spiritual insights.
  • Makes you a highly conscious and aware person.
  • Helps you to achieve inner peace and unconditional love state.
  • Enables you to have desires of higher nature.
  • Equips you with the power to influence others with your thoughts and words.
  • Makes the practitioner more creative and confident.
  • Improves eyesight.
  • Effective in activating one’s energy centers (chakras).


  • Could cause vision related troubles or headaches if done improperly with the lack of patience by forcing the sessions for a longer duration by giving stress to one’s eyes.
  • Not recommended for small kids.
  • Not suitable for people having weak visions or eye related problems.
  • You should not practice this meditation if you are not comfortable with it.

Few Tips for Beginners

  • As I mentioned before, be calm and patient since you cannot see any quick results.
  • Set the practice duration to 10-15 minutes or lesser initially.
  • Keep your stomach empty (not completely, you shouldn’t feel thirsty or hungry) prior to the meditation hours.
  • Splash cold water on your eyes after the practice.
  • Prefer morning hours.
  • Choose a serene and peaceful environment .(for doing this, you can prefer to read the post “Creating a Good Atmosphere for Meditation“)
  • Be regular.
  • Practice mindfulness exercises or vipassana meditation to get better at detaching yourself from your thoughts more frequently.

Facts and Myths

Unfortunately, most people try to get information on the ancient spiritual wisdom that incorporates many techniques like this one and Khechari Mudra with the aim to get some supernatural abilities, that’s the reason why they don’t get any real benefits out of it.

When you become a highly conscious person, it will be natural that people will be attracted to you and get influenced by your ideas, but that is just one very small part of what you will actually gain that is the inner peace, joy and better knowledge of life.

So, a person who does this with the aim of fulfilling his ego needs is simply wasting his time.

Tratak is very much popular due to the myth that it makes people capable of hypnotizing others and that’s one of the biggest reasons why people want to learn it.

It’s true that when your mind starts working in your favor with long use of such techniques, your thoughts becomes powerful and it makes others do what you want, but that is because they feel more connected to you spiritually, they trust you more. But you cannot control them or make them do something against their will.

Some practitioners also claim that this is a good method for Kundalini awakening and for activating the seven chakras. I can’t say anything about the Kundalini power, but you will definitely be able to heal various chakras of your energy body and it will become evident from how your life changes when the life force starts flowing freely through the specific energy centers.

I would advise you to try this technique only if your purpose is to have a better connection with your higher self because all the myths related to Tratak makes people do it incorrectly.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I would also like to recommend the book “Dharana Darshan” that contains a great deal of information on external object concentration exercises based on ancient wisdom.

If you are someone like me who is interested in his inner world then I would suggest you a program that has helped me a lot, it is an energy healing course from Jeffery Allen called Duality where he teaches some very great methods using which you can learn more about your inner states and change it so that your life can get better than before.


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12 thoughts on “Tratak Meditation Method

  1. James W D

    Perhaps this is why so many people really enjoy sitting around a camp fire?

    Also, I would say that I have inadvertently done this before. Every now and then I catch myself in deep thought and my eyes were locked onto something the whole time. Reading this, it now makes a little better sense as to why I do that now.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      I can’t comment on that camp fire thing because there could be many reasons for loving it..but yes a glittering object has the ability to take the person into a trance state and that is why people also use crystal balls for self hypnosis(I will cover that soon)..but this meditation is a very powerful one(in which a person is very alert rather than going into a trance state) and practice is required to gain concentration..thanks for reading it James.. 🙂

  2. Arsh khan

    Dear hari sir
    Namaskar, your post is very effectiv and very useful.I used techniq of traatak its realy very powerful…I felt many changes in my life and daily routiene.I felt a megnatic or a strange energy in my self…wonderful

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      I am glad that you found this information useful, yes indeed Tratak meditation is one of the most powerful meditations because it focus our attention to a single external object(stopping the flow of thoughts) which allows us to gain more control,hence enables us to tap into our infinite potential..thank you for commenting 🙂

  3. Craig

    In a time of dispair, when I was 24 (I’m now 40) I meditated for the first time under the guidance of a small Shambala book about the Buddha… I was breathing while feeling the energy rise up and down my body. Then, in my distant vision, I noticed a small black dot. I concentrated on that dot and after a moment started to ‘pull’ the dot towards myself. All of a sudden I was in a complete abyss of everything. As I was ‘floating’ my mind wanted to notice my body, which I had to ‘let go’ of that mind to remain in the abyss. I still have not heard or read about an experience like that. Any thoughts?
    Also, since then I have been practicing vipassana meditation and have had many ‘experiences’. Another great one was sitting in front of a fire on a dark night, while meditating with my eyes closed. After a moment, my entire vision was filled with these geometric triangles of light and black. In the center, were three bright lights. A larger on in the center and two minor ones one the horizontal. Truly beautiful. Any thoughts?
    Thank you, I will try the tratak method!

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Craig, we all are different and our spiritual experiences are unique as well, so giving any thought for your question will be of no use..just trust your intuition and keep moving..cheers 🙂

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      A lot of people say that you have to focus on the center of the flame but I have a different opinion based on my knowledge about tratak.It is not necessary to gaze on any particular area, you just should fix your focus on the flame that’s it.See, tratak meditation actually has nothing to do with what we are gazing at, it is about concentrating on “one” thing so that you can improve your ability to be in more control of your thoughts.. Flame,black dot etc are used because they have the tendency to make us more attentive then other objects. I hope this reply answers your query.

      1. Seamus

        In dharan darshan swami says that the qualities object of focus has an affect on the qualities that the practice cultivates in yourself. The sun can increase dynamism, the moon, mental powers., etc. Do flames and dots not have this property?

  4. Priyanka Menon

    Thank you for your article. It is very informative, but there are doubts still. Please clear this I have heard if we are doing tratak we can’t take food and drinks till 2 hours before and after it. Is it true?
    Another one Is it necessary to take bath first then practice?

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Yeah that’s true, actually the yogis knew that if the digestion system is busy then the mind is more restless which makes it difficult to focus, so it is advised to make sure that you are neither hungry nor full while meditating, the two hours is an approximate time, you can decide that better for yourself.

      Moving on to your next question, see when we take bath we are not only cleaning our body but some kind of energetic cleansing also takes place during that process and that’s why we feel good emotionally after a shower. So if you will take bath before the practice, that will definitely help you to concentrate better.


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