Time Required for Changing Your Subconscious Programming

I receive a lot of emails asking many questions like how long does it actually take to change my subconscious programming? How many sessions does hypnosis take to work? When will my visualization yield results? How much time should I perform energy clearing in order to alter my limiting subconscious beliefs?

Well, the truth is, nobody in the world knows! I am sorry to tell you that but it can happen within days, weeks or years depending on your inner mind programming.

By the inner mind programming, I am referring to the beliefs present in your subconscious mind on which you might be working using certain tools in order to improve a specific area of your life.

There is no one particular method to do this which is better than the other because all of them do the same work, however, depending on people’s comfortability, some methods could prove out it be very effective.

Even if you are using a technique that works very well for a lot of people, sometimes it takes a hell lot of time to see some positive results.

Why? Well, there are two main factors that decide this.

The Two Factors

When you don’t see any positive result for a long time in any specific area of life while using a trusted method that works on your inner world, there are two things you need to understand which might be causing this problem:-

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1 – The Denseness of Your Limiting Beliefs

This is the main reason why some people easily achieve various things using some methods whereas others fail to do the same, it is because of the difference in the denseness of their limiting subconscious beliefs in that particular area.

See, though we use computer language sometimes to explain the workings of our mind, yet our subconscious beliefs are not like a file that you delete once and it is gone forever. There are multiple layers of concepts, thoughts, and emotions that you have to clear.

For example, if John and Tom want to become millionaires, it is the same goal to achieve on the external level right?

Now if I say, John makes 10,000$ per month whereas Tom is jobless. Would it be appropriate to say both have similar inner work to be done?

It is not always statistically possible to know how much work you have to do using some method but your current results always represent the amount of work you need to do.

While using these methods sometimes you make consistent progress toward your goals and many times you will be suddenly making a quantum leap, you never know, but your consistency is essential for either of these things to happen.

2 – Your Faith in the Process

I realized this particular thing when I saw that the unlimited abundance program which I usually recommend to my readers worked well for a lot of people like it did to me, but many people don’t find it that effective.

It was shocking for me to see that people are not benefitting from something that has worked so well for me, I kept wondering this until I had the realization that the minds of those people were so logically trained that they found it very difficult to believe in a technique based on something “New Agey”.

So what I did is that I suggested a few such people one another product which I find equally effective called the uncompromised life, though it does the same work, it is based on hypnotherapy and it worked for them because they believed in the method. This is why I often encourage my readers to send me an email before they buy any personal development product so that I could get a better idea about what might suit them.

Hence, you gotta believe in the process for it to work! Neither visualization, affirmation, hypnosis or EFT can help you if you are doing it just because someone told you so.

Choose the method that resonates with you and trust what you do before you expect results because there is no single universal method that works for everyone. It could be a program, book or training that might have transformed someone’s life and yet it might just not be the right thing for you and it is quite possible that you might be wasting your time in doing something that is not working for you just because it is not meant for you.

When you have found the right technique you can feel it, when you use it regularly it does not seem like a task that you need to do in order to work on your inner world instead it becomes an activity that you thoroughly enjoy, you can intuitively sense it just the way you can tell if someone is willing to be friendly with you or not without even having to talk to them.

There is a difference between intention and inspiration, you feel joyful when you do something that inspires you whereas when you do something based on your intention alone it becomes a tiresome chore for you.

If you don’t understand how to take inspired actions then I would highly suggest you read the book named “the tapping solution for manifesting your greatest self” by Nick Ortner where he teaches an EFT (emotional freedom technique) based method which is also called “tapping” that you can apply in your day to day life problems to find the best solutions for you in all the areas of your life.

Seeds That You Sow

I like the analogy that many personal development gurus use to describe how these methods work, they say it is like sowing seed when you start to work on your inner world and every time you do it again you are watering the plant.

Though the seed requires time to sprout and grow, you don’t stop watering it thinking that it is not working.

Just like that, you need to understand that such efforts need time and consistency to work, seeing it like this will help you to make proper use of them.

If you are not much logical minded, I suggest you some energy block clearing methods that I use for altering my subconscious beliefs, use it for some goals that do not appear much difficult to achieve first in order to get an idea of how this whole thing works.


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