Creating a Good Atmosphere for Meditation

If you want to get some good ideas for making a meditation room in your home or for creating a meditation space, then you have reached the right place.

I will share with you some tips here on how to make a particular area conducive to a deep and effective meditation

The biggest challenge to meditation practitioners is to maintain the present moment awareness so that they could frequently be able to stop the continuous thought current in order to reach the higher levels of meditation. If the place that you have chosen for your practice is not appropriate then you might find it very difficult to stay focused, this is why creating a good atmosphere for meditation is very essential.

There are many direct and indirect factors that decide whether a place is favorable for you to be able to detach yourself from the noises inside your head or not.

Vibrational State of Places

The quality of energy in the environment affects our mind states a lot, hence it is not always something tangible that might be causing difficulty to focus when you sit to meditate.

You should learn to be able to differentiate between the positive and negative vibrations in different areas of your house and it is not a very difficult thing to do.

All you have to do is to observe your emotions carefully. Places where you find it easy to think good thoughts are energetically appropriate for meditation and there would surely be more than enough corners in your house where you could feel these higher vibrations.

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There is a reason why religious structures attract so many people. Apart from the fact that visiting such places might be mandatory according to their religious beliefs, they also find that atmosphere peaceful, positive and soothing.

What decides the quality of energy in a certain space? Can we do something to change it?

The energy states of different places are decided by many factors, but one main factor is the type of people living there. You might have experienced a heavy feeling when you visited someplace whereas it feels so good and light at other places, it is because of the mind states of people present there.

People mostly take gratitude and hope with them when they visit places like church or temple, that’s one of the reasons why one finds inner peace there.

You can definitely change the energy of a space and that’s the main purpose of the tips I will be sharing with you here.

If you feel your home is affected by negative energy then there are some good ways to clear negative energy from your home as well.

Tips for Creating the Right Environment for Meditation

Here are few things that you can do to bring a Zen-like ambiance of a place or room where you intend to practice meditation: –

  • Choose an isolated corner where others don’t enter frequently, make sure that you don’t hear many noises from outside there. Noise reducing curtains can also help you with this. (if you cannot avoid such noises then it is alright to use earplugs)
  • Prefer to keep as less furniture in the room as possible.
  • The brightness of the lights in the room should be moderate and the sunlight must reach every corner of the room properly in the morning hours.
  • If you are inspired from spiritual personalities or masters then you can keep their image in the room, it could be anything that makes you feel good.
  • You can also use meditation pillowsfloor chairs(supports back) or meditation cushions according to your preference so that you could sit comfortably for longer periods, especially with your spine straight.
  • Keep the temperature of the room moderately cool because our body is more relaxed and comfortable at low temperatures.
  • The room should be very clean and free of dust, one of the important reasons to have less furniture is that it enables
  • Make sure that the place has proper ventilation, you need fresh air for tranquilizing your mind with help of breathing exercises before meditating. Proper supply of oxygen is essential for you to relax your body without falling asleep.
  • Scented candles add up to the positive energy of the environment.
  • A soothing music or guided meditation audio track in the music player is definitely a good catalyst for deep meditation. I often use the heart center awakening guided meditation from love or above energy toolkit.


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