9 Ways to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home

Don’t make a big deal out of the low vibrations, it is normal and our energy is always moving back and forth from lower vibez to higher.

However, it is not advisable to live in an area which kills your positivity and by developing your awareness with spiritual practices like mindfulness meditation you can easily perceive any environment from the spiritual point of view.

In fact knowing the quality of vibrations in any particular place is very simple- At places where the energy is of higher quality you feel light and more in control of your thoughts, and at low vibe places you feel heavy and disturbed.

If your house or workplace is not vibrating in higher frequencies then you can see a lot of emotional imbalances in people present there and areas with a lot of lower density vibrations causes a lot of conflicts between people living there.

So, it is very important to keep your surrounding clear of such entities and that’s why today we will be discussing a few ways to remove negative energy from your home, you can use these methods for any other place as well.

9 Techniques for Cleansing the Low Vibrations

1-Using Incense

You can use a nice room spray or burn an incense stick (like rose, sandalwood etc), anything that produces a nice fragrant odor usually has the ability to purify the aura of any atmosphere.

2-Keep It Clean

One of the prime reasons that any particular place has energies of lower quality is because of the untidiness, that’s why we should be always concerned with the neatness of the environment where we live.

3-Dispose What’s Not Needed

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Everything has an energy, the old stuff at your place must be disposed for new things to show up, but the things that takes up the place in your house that you don’t need also energetically blocks your environment.


As we have discussed many times earlier that meditation can clear your energy blocks and by connecting to your true self using meditation you are raising your vibrations.

If you are living in high vibrations, it will naturally improve the energy of the place where you live.

Imagine a white light emanating from inside you while meditating and filling the whole space with love and peace.


We all know this; great soothing music can create a perfect and healthy environment for people.

Music has the power to change moods, uplift people and make them joyful so,you can use the one of your choice for this purpose.

6-Chanting Mantras

Mantras can also be used for doing this, especially “OM” chanting is advised and if the person is meditating on this mantra it becomes more effective.


Planting is also a very good way to maintain a good aura in your house, make sure to take care of those green friends properly!

8-Sea Salt

It is considered that sea salt has a great ability to absorb any negative energy. So, if you feel that your environment needs some spiritual cleansing then you can sprinkle some sea salt crystals around the corners and clean it up after leaving it there for a day or two.

9-Space Cleanser Technique

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