The Present Moment Awareness-Key to Effortless Manifestation

The law of attraction has gained wide popularity these days and people are gradually realizing that they do have a control over their lives, but the success rate is still very low and only a few people have been able to apply these principles in their lives to get the desired results.

Despite of having a great deal of information in form of written materials and courses on this subject, people fail to get the real message behind these teachings which is “You attract what you think of”.

By “thinking” it is not only meant just the thoughts that comes in a person’s conscious mind, sometimes it is about the feelings and sometimes it is about the deep rooted beliefs in a person’s subconscious mind.

Vibrational Frequency of Your Energy System

Like the physical visible body that we all have, we also carry an energy body which is invisibly present around our physical body. In truth, our physical body is the extension of our non physical counterpart.

The vibrational status of this invisible energy system of ours decides our point of attraction with reference to what we desire at any given point of time, this vibrational frequency varies mostly in two ways- One is based on the feelings of abundance and the other is based on the feelings of lack.

At any moment,you can either feel and enjoy a sense of having enough in life or you can fret over not having enough in life(the degree varies), your feelings decides the nature of your energy which further results into the outside occurrences of the events which matches with these inner patterns.

The Role of Present Moment Awareness in the Manifestation Process

So, as we have discussed that the law of attraction depends on the person’s energy system’s vibrational frequency. The problem which most people face while applying the law of attraction techniques is that once they have given enough positive attention towards what they want in their lives, they turn the other way around and start to think negatively by default because our mind is subjected to the law of duality so, it neutralizes the positive attention given towards the desire with the negative thoughts.

How can one avoid the negative flow of thoughts that follows when the desired outcome gets delayed? Answer to this question is – The Present Moment Awareness!

By practicing the present moment awareness one can immediately raise his/her vibrations to higher levels.It brings detachment with the outcomes, so a person enjoys his present moment and the feeling of lack goes away which allows the free flow of life force resulting as the manifestation of what has been asked.

Final Step in Manifestation While Using the Law of Attraction

Once a person has given enough positive attention towards his desires and used the LOA methods to attract what he wishes in his life, the next step is to detach yourself from the outcome which is a little difficult task as one has been focusing towards the desire for such a long time.

Becoming present in the Now moment is the key to manifest one’s desire quickly because it immediately shifts a person’s point of attraction.

Practicing being in the present moment naturally changes your emotional state to joy which will orchestrate the external events to match up with your energy’s current vibrational state.


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11 thoughts on “The Present Moment Awareness-Key to Effortless Manifestation

  1. Michele D.

    That was truly an excitement to read. I felt like you are channeling my thougts. I have been on the negative side of things and have wondered how do I channel more of the positive energy that I need. I cant wait to read more. I would love to read ways in doing this. I am a depressed person and focus on the negative, I need to learn it is a downfall and make a plan and visualize the better side of possibilities. This was something very geared to me. Thank you soo much.

  2. Emily

    Hi there
    I do agree that we attract what we are thinking about or what we put out there. I think that we are spiritual individuals living in the physical world. We all have a spiritual side and we enter the physical world as spiritual beings. Living in the moment is a hard one for sure. But it is essential to be healthy. Living in the future tends to cause anxiety and living in the past can lead to depressed feelings (depending on one’s past). Sometimes it is about living moment by moment.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Very true Emliy, we indeed are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our higher self is independent of time, space and reality.. however our mind likes to oscillate in past and future creating misery and anxiety as you mentioned. If we could master the art of living in the present moment, life would become a very joyful journey…

  3. Guy

    The Secret from Rhonda Byrne was a turning point for me in my life.

    I went from a really negative attitude thinking I had no hope for the future – that I would remain stuck in the situation I was in at the time – to… START believing in the possibilities I could have in life if only I could believe.

    Now I’m not the type of guy that believes in everything that was written in that book (after the movie). But
    I do believe in the essence of it.

    And it’s like you said in the beginning and like guys like Tony Robins are also saying: “If you want to see change in your life, you have to change your inner beliefs”

    Because those inner beliefs will either build up on your effort or put a stumbling block in everything you are trying to build convinced that those things are not possible.

    Joseph Murphy said it well in one of his book: “Convince your subconscious that something is possible or true… and you will not have any problem convincing your conscious mind after that”

    That’s what I believe in.

    I can try to convince myself all I want… try to have that dominant thought in front of me… if my subconscious mind is not convinced of it, my efforts will all be vain.

    I don’t know if it makes sense to you. What do you think?

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Well said Guy and it is a great pleasure to know that you do believe in the power of your subconscious mind. Yes, it makes total sense..we all are able to do or achieve what we believe we can. I have also read that classic book from Joseph Murphy. Our mind creates the obstacles and problems based on our core beliefs, every stumbling block in our path naturally vanishes when we alter our inner beliefs.. So good to hear from you..thank you!

    2. Ruben

      Exactly! The Secret book/movie was like an introduction but i see that rhonda byrne is more into the money than into the Law os Attraction itself, i think it’s okay to profit from it but then she released a few other books and the other books was going out ot the real thing. I’m just like you, i believe in “convincing” the subconscious mind just like Joseph Murphy says and i also love Neville Goddard that also state something like “going to bed with the assumption of the wish fulfilled”.. My guide is my dreams, for example, if i’m trying to manifest money and i dream i was in a posh restaurant but when the bill comes i think “wtf i’m doing here i dont have the money to pay this bill, 3 thousand bucks for a champagne? why the heck i came to this restaurant in the first place and why i ordered this expensive wine? i’m f*cked up, how am i supposed to pay for this?” this kind of dreamis my subconscious mind telling me i’m in the state of lack.. but then when i do affirmations and assume the feeling of ” I AM RICH” before i go to sleep and i dream about chartering a private jet and i pay like 100k for a ride and im okay with it (and i got the money to afford it) this is my mind telling me i’m on the way to being rich and prosperous. the thing is that you can’t just tell yourself over and over “I AM RICH” you have to be extremely aware while repeating over and over “I AM RICH”

      1. HARI S NAIR Post author

        Wow Ruben, I am amazed to hear that you get such dreams when you tune into the feeling of abundance and it is really amazing. I too am a big fan of Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy.. thanks a ton for this comment 🙂

  4. Johnathan Tarter

    Very enlightening and inspiring information here! 🙂 We are definitely spiritual beings having a physical experience and I’m very happy to see that more people are catching on to that and are practicing the law of attraction and the technique you laid out. However, when using the law of attraction many people seem to forget one essential aspect, ACTION IN THE REAL WORLD.

    I see many people getting lost in their heads with endless day dreaming and never actually taking any real-world action. Obviously, if were are being balanced and realistic, we will realize that the mental work is only half of the equation and that manifesting your goals into reality requires real world action!

    Thank you for this information and keep up the great work! 🙂

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Very true Johnathan, it is very obvious that action makes it possible in the physical world what we have envisioned in our mind. It is very essential to take appropriate steps in order to move towards our goals!..thank you for your comment 🙂


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