4 Reasons Why You Are Failing to Manifest Your Desired Life

In this post, I will provide you with some quick points that will help you understand why the law of attraction methods you are using fail to assist you in manifesting your desires. Your imagined life may seem far from actualizing right now, but it is a common challenge for everyone who discovers their creative ability and learns about the metaphysical laws of the universe. Not being able to manifest what you have imagined for yourself is a shared issue, but in hindsight, it often appears as a stepping stone in the overall process, unless you choose to stop trying.

Drawing from my own experience as well as observations in the life journeys of many people, we often gain a better understanding of our inner world when we fail to attract our desires. This failure reveals valuable insights about our current way of thinking and the beliefs that govern our perspectives on both our personal lives and the world at large.

I love the very famous quote from James Allen that speaks volumes about why our current reality is the way it is right now: ‘We Do Not Attract What We Want But What We Are.’ These words are filled with the wisdom that can only come from a deeper understanding of the workings of universal laws. The true meaning of this fantastic quote becomes evident through experience.

However, I will attempt to explain it here at the end of our discussion on the reasons why most people fail in the manifestation process, even after learning and applying the law of attraction techniques. In fact, by the end of this post, where I delve deeper into this quote, I believe you will have already grasped its implications through the points I am about to highlight in the paragraphs below.

#1 Thinking About Future

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they use the law of attraction methods like affirmations and visualization is that they often think about the future, visualizing the future is of no use because what you imagine in the future stays in the future forever. The very purpose of any method that you use to manifest whatever you want is to make you believe that you already have it, so if you think about something happening in the future then it will never happen.

During your visualization sessions, focus on a future scenario, but immerse yourself in it as if it is happening in the present. Let me illustrate this with an example. Suppose you aspire to buy a house. If you envision a sequence where you first find a job, then earn a significant income, and finally buy a house, it might be counterproductive. This scenario implies that you are not currently wealthy. Instead, visualize the end result and imagine that it is unfolding right now. Use your creative visualization to see yourself living in your dream house in the present moment.

Furthermore, when employing affirmations like ‘I will be successful’ or ‘I am going to be wealthy,’ it’s crucial to be mindful that they might convey a message to the universe implying that you are not successful at this moment (for further insights, refer to my post on how to create your own affirmations). Always remember that whichever method you choose should instill in you the feeling that you already possess what you desire.

#2 Not Being Persistent

It is of no use if you don’t make it a routine task to work towards doing something on an inner level to change what’s in your outer world, it has to become a part of your everyday routine likewise you brush your teeth or comb your hair.

To bring forth a significant positive impact on your external reality, it’s essential to understand that your behavior and attitude toward life are highly influenced by your powerful subconscious mind. One of the most effective ways to train the subconscious mind is through the repetition of thoughts – a method you use to learn various skills. Just as you learn to drive through daily practice, and once learned, you don’t have to remind yourself when to apply the brakes or change gears; similarly, with consistent practice of visualizing your desired reality, your mind will become programmed accordingly.

Persistence is the key to manifestation; what you think repeatedly forms a belief, and when you believe in something, it happens—that’s how it works. A successful businessman always makes the most out of the market because they believe in their ability to run a business, and a decorated athlete wins a medal every time because they believe in their skills.

Many times, people stop working on their inner world because it starts to feel like a mundane task to them. This happens because people think of these methods as something they have to forcefully apply in order to achieve something. You have to make these methods interesting, and they have to be something that you absolutely enjoy. Your affirmations should be such that they boost your confidence every time; your visualizations should be able to make you feel excited, and your meditation should help you become more joyful.

You have to find ways to make these methods interesting so that you can be persistent in using them. For example, I have found that allowing our mind to generate different imagined situations that occur after we have achieved our goals helps us enjoy our creative visualization sessions, rather than imagining the same scenario over and over again.

#3 Expectation

As we discussed in the above paragraph, one of the main reasons why people fail to manifest is that they don’t consistently follow the methods using which they can communicate their desires with the universe or because they are unable to generate the feelings of having what they want, all this happens due to one reason and that is their expectations. When you desire something and expect something else, your expectations always win.

One thing we should always keep in mind is that our expectations are always the best indicators of our beliefs and our reality is highly influenced by whatever we expect from the universe. Not only in terms of metaphysics but the general psychology of humans is such that we lose the self-confidence to achieve our goals when we don’t expect to win and our actions turn out to be counterproductive when we don’t expect to succeed.

This is why in many sports you might have seen that the players of a team begin to play worse than their actual game when they are facing an intimidating opponent. Can you infer from this example what is it that forms our expectations? Our beliefs of course!

If you choose a goal that’s too big according to you, you might not be able to achieve it—not because you lack the necessary qualities but due to your own expectations, which suggest that manifesting such a big dream is impossible. Many beginners using the law of attraction exercises make the mistake of setting very unreachable goals. You should aim higher, but it should be something that doesn’t seem impossible from your perspective; only then will your expectations align with your desired outcomes.

What amazes me most is that people begin by thinking of all this knowledge about one’s creative power as some magical spell. They start visualizing something so big that their own minds begin to discard all hopes after some time, resulting in a loss of faith in the process itself.

This also means that you need to believe in whatever method you use. One of my favorite energy-clearing programs, ”the Unlimited Abundance,’ includes an entire clearing session on eliminating the limiting blocks/beliefs that stop one from believing that those methods can work. So, your expectations should be in accordance with your desired results, and you need to have complete faith in the techniques you use to attract what you want.

#4 Limiting Beliefs

This is the last but most important point of this whole post, whatever we have discussed in the above two points tells us that our limiting beliefs are the reason why we fail to manifest. Whether we don’t believe in our dreams or we don’t trust the methods we use, it all happens because our subconscious mind has been programmed in such a way that we don’t have much faith in our own ability to transform our lives.

The beliefs ingrained deep in our inner mind are formed during the time we were growing up. Our family, society, and environment, in which we grew up, all played different roles in creating the window through which we view our lives. Our attitude and perspective toward life are unique because what we have accepted as our ‘truth’ is a window through which only we can view the world; this window is shaped by our experiences. We can only receive from the universe what can fit into the size of this window of ours. I hope this analogy gives you a clear picture of how our beliefs are responsible for our current reality.

All the methods we use to attract our desires essentially work by replacing our old beliefs with new ones. This new belief empowers us and helps us see the opportunities that can lead us to our destination.

Hence, what does it mean if you are unable to manifest a particular desire? It means that your inner mind does not believe that it is possible for you to achieve your goals. So, you need to either aim for a slightly easier goal or work on convincing this inner self of yours. This can only be done by eliminating your limiting beliefs through the constant application of methods and having complete faith in the process.

I have written a post on clearing your energy blocks where I show how you can work on these limiting beliefs using a combination of affirmations, visualization, and meditation. I hope you liked this post, I would be very happy to hear from you so, please leave me your comments in the box below, it will motivate me and help me to improve my blog’s content. If I missed anything important then please do mention it in the comment section.

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