EFT Tapping and the Law of Attraction

In this post, I will be talking in detail about how you can combine the techniques of EFT tapping and the law of attraction to increase the effectiveness of the LOA methods that you might already be using to manifest your dream life. The law of attraction requires you to be clear about your intentions and then it further takes you to the process of imagining your desired outcomes while also increasing the feelings of abundance, but the most crucial part is to allow your desired things to manifest in your life by clearing the feelings of scarcity or we can say that it involves clearing your inner energy blocks that are responsible for not letting your desires to manifest into your reality.

This “allowing part” of this whole process is very difficult because it makes you work on your deeply rooted feelings, memories, emotional barriers, etc. that are responsible for your current life situation where you have not received what you have asked from the universe. This inner work is the most difficult part of this whole process and this is what makes most people fail in being able to make proper use of the law of attraction techniques since they have no idea about how they can get rid of these feelings of lack and after a few days of relentlessly trying to manifest their desire, it is very common to find oneself in a place where one cannot think positively and the feelings of scarcity become dominant which is counter-effective to the whole idea of raising your vibrations.

This is where the emotional freedom technique can act as a very effective tool because it is a form of therapeutic healing that gives you practical exercises and methodology which can target to release the emotional baggage from your system. EFT is most commonly used for anxiety, phobias, anger, insomnia, etc. and it has also proven to be a very effective healing therapeutic tool but only a few people know that this particular tapping method can also be used for increasing your chances of manifesting your desires while using the law of attraction.

The Subconscious Power

Most of our daily activities are controlled by our inner mind which is also known as the subconscious mind whereas our conscious mind only handles a very few tasks of our day-to-day life. Our overall life is a reflection of the types of mindset we hold deep in our powerful subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is so powerful that it is what creates our personality and it also shapes our life by being the deciding factor behind how we perceive our life situations and how we react to our problems.

Despite being so powerful, our subconscious mind does not play by the rules of our conscious mind which also means that we are not in control of our inner mind, and in order to make our subconscious mind work in our favor, we need some very effective methods that can specifically act on the deeply rooted emotional barriers and beliefs that are responsible for how our inner mind acts.

When using the law of attraction, the subconscious mind plays a very vital role because whatever we are desiring to manifest will only be made possible if we can communicate that intention to our inner mind properly. The negative emotions as well as thoughts that create a barrier between our current reality and the desired one, is also generated from our subconscious mind. So, in order to be able to manifest our dream life, we have to clear our limiting subconscious beliefs related to that particular desire which stops us from achieving it, and for doing this effectively the emotional freedom technique can really act as a very good tool because, with the help of tapping, you can actively neutralize the negative thoughts and emotions while also clearing the memories from your inner mind that are responsible for such shackling thought process.

Two Conflicting Concepts

The fact that really troubles people when they think of applying the emotional freedom technique with the law of attraction method is that once they learn about these 2 concepts, they come to realize that the LOA methods and EFT tapping are opposite to each other, so it becomes really complicated to blend these 2 methodologies to increase their effectiveness.

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Where on one side, the law of attraction teaches you to focus on your positive thoughts, use positive affirmations and increase the feeling of abundance, the EFT tapping method tells you something entirely opposite of that because while performing the EFT tapping, you have to focus on the negative thoughts and think about worst case scenarios which brings to you some very disturbing feelings.

So, one may ask how can they combine such two conflicting methods in order to manifest their desires, the solution to this is to view both the processes from 2 different angles. While on the one hand, you are using the LOA techniques to state your desires and ask the universe for the manifestation of your dreams, on the other hand, you are using the EFT methods for an entirely different purpose. Once you have finished setting your intentions and using various LOA techniques to bring yourself into the vibration frequency to manifest your desires, you use the EFT methods to clear the negative emotions associated with the particular desires by actively bringing the negative thoughts and feelings into your conscious mind so that you can get rid of them once and forever. So, I will strongly advise you to be consistent with your LOA techniques up to a certain point and then dedicate yourself to using the EFT tapping method without worrying that both methods will act against each other.


I hope that this post was helpful for you, if you are really serious about using the EFT tapping with your law of attraction methods then I strongly advise you to go for it but first learn the EFT techniques properly by enrolling in a good training program like “The EFT Tapping Circle“.

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