What is Tapping Therapy? – EFT Basics

In this post, I will give you a basic overview of the emotional freedom technique and answer what is tapping therapy and how it can help you in various ways. Tapping or the emotional freedom technique is an alternative to the traditional way of healing physical pain and emotional problems that are now widely used by various experts and this practice has been backed up by a lot of studies and research workers nowadays.

In a lot of ways, tapping is similar to acupuncture but EFT does not require needles instead it uses fingertips to apply constant pressure on various points in our body to balance the energy by targeting the meridian points. EFT is mostly helpful for psychological issues but it has also proven to be a very good solution to many types of physical problems as well. The best thing about EFT practitioners is that once a person learns how to perform the EFT tapping method, they can do it on their own from the comfort of their home and this knowledge acts as a tool that will be useful to them throughout their life.

The Mechanism

Just like acupuncture, EFT also focuses on bringing balance to the energy disruptions in the body by targeting the meridian points, and the science of EFT is based on the theory that our health-related problems are caused by the imbalances in our body’s energy system.

The meridian points are certain specific spots in our body that are believed to be the points that are either at the end points of the energy pathway or near to it, so by tapping these points we can stimulate the energy so that we can restore the balance of the body’s energy which will result into the healing of any physical or emotional issue that might have resulted from the blockages that were responsible for hindering the free flow of life energy.

The main motive behind tapping the meridian points is to release the negative emotions which are felt when a person’s body’s energy is disrupted. Even the physical symptoms are considered to be something that results from an unresolved emotional problem or past memories that causes deep distress, in many ways it is similar to energy healing. This is why while performing tapping, a person is supposed to focus on their feelings related to any particular problem that they wish to solve. Let’s take a look at how tapping is performed.

The Process

EFT can either be used when you are feeling any kind of emotional problem or physical issue or you can generally use it to work on your natural well being. Once you have learned about the specific points that you need to tap on in order to work on the problem on which you are focusing, you are then required to bring your negative emotions and thoughts to the surface by deliberately thinking about the worst-case scenarios or distressing memories as well as thoughts that are related to that particular problem.

When you bring your attention to the negative emotions while performing tapping, it releases the deep-rooted emotional baggage that is responsible for the manifestation of your issues, so every time you use the emotional freedom technique, you are releasing a heavy load of thoughts and emotions that has been present in your subconscious mind for a long time and causing you troubles in various ways.

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Tapping needs to be performed regularly to effectively heal your energy and once you have worked on your body’s energy balance, you will see some great changes in your life and you will feel emotionally well due to the EFT practices that you have used.

In order to understand the emotional freedom technique better and to be able to use this healing method on your own, you will need to get expert guidance and knowledge initially, for taking this technique to advanced levels, you will need to dedicate your time in learning about this methodology by using some good course or teaching program that can make you equipped with the proper knowledge and take you from the beginner level to various stages. I highly suggest you to enroll in any good online course if you are interested in learning more about EFT methods, one such program is “The Tapping Circle” where master EFT practitioner Sonia Sophia teaches EFT using her weekly broadcast and tutorials, here you get to meet various people online who have been practicing EFT for a long time and there you can also get guidance from the experts in this field.

I hope this post was helpful to you. Have you used EFT techniques before? What are your views on this particular healing tool? Please share your views with me by commenting in the box below. Your opinions and feedback will help me review more such programs and bring a lot of useful content like this regularly.

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