Manifesting Your Desires into Reality-The Universal Law of Receiving

The universal law of receiving is an essential part in the manifestation process which follows the law of supply that we have discussed in the previous post which states that the laws of universe arranges whatever that is needed when a demand arises.

This means that all our wishes are answered at the very moment of asking in the non physical realm(check the realm(check the computer draft and printer example in the previous post to understand this better).

Now, once we accept that the higher power is continuously at work to bring our good to us then we should be focusing towards the ‘receiving’ part.

We have a big force by our side and that is our mind, the only thing that holds us away from where we want to be in our lives is our own inner beliefs.

Beliefs, Faith and Expectations

In order to be in complete harmony with the universal law of receiving, one must focus on the three parts of his inner world (subconscious mind) and they are beliefs, faith and expectations.


One has to continuously work to alter his hard wired beliefs in order to be able to receive what he has asked for.

For example:-

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A person desires to have a car, but he never had enough money to buy even a motorcycle in his whole life then it is very obvious that he might be having very strong negative beliefs about wealth like “earning money is a difficult task or I can never have enough money to buy a car”.

These beliefs in our subconscious mind creates the reality for us so precisely based on these set of ideas that people lose all their money after winning the lottery because their beliefs were never changed.

So, simply if a person wants more money then he will have to clear his limiting beliefs about money likewise to lose weight one will have to clear her limiting beliefs about weight loss.


Faith,is all that one needs in life to be happy and peaceful even when he has not achieved what he wants.

It requires practice and persistence to develop a strong faith, if you have an open mind and willingness to put your focus on empowering ideas then your inner beliefs will automatically keep shifting and the faith will keep getting stronger.


When a person takes complete responsibility of his life and starts to replace his old beliefs with new positive ideas and develops a strong faith, the “expectation” part is handled automatically.

Expectation is considered as one of the most powerful key to attract anything in our lives. We can see the evidences of this everywhere, this is why surprises is a rare thing in a person’s life who is pretty confidant about the future.

You expect to fail-And You fail, You expect to miss a flight-And You miss it, undesired expectations makes our lives so predictable that we get discouraged and stop believing that something good can also happen.

The problem here is;we think that we expect it because that is the obvious reality, but the truth is actually the other way around-It happens and becomes the reality because that is what we expect based on our past experiences.

Manifesting Your Desires

So, we all have some strong beliefs according to which we get the same results again and again, our faith in the higher power depends on what happens in our lives and that in turn programs our expectations.

In the book named “Working With the Law” from which I have come to know about these laws, the author Raymond says that by being in harmony with all these laws one can not only get the results that he wants but he can also predict them.

Beliefs, faith and expectation can cause miracles so, to be a good receiver work on these three in a way that they ensure the manifestation of your visions.

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