Law of Orderly Thinking-Effects of Random Thoughts

The universal law of thinking is a very fundamental law which decides the direction of our lives based on the dominant thoughts present in our minds.

While talking about the mind power, people put so much emphasis on the subconscious mind’s workings, however, what we fail to understand is that it is the ideas that we hold in our conscious mind that’s going to reach the inner mind.

Thoughts are powerful just by reminding yourself that over and over again you will be more cautious before next time you let your mind drift.

Organizing the thoughts by understanding the bad effects of random negative thinking is very important for a man who is interested in progress and development.

Mental blindness is the cause of failures and disappointments.Physical vision is an illusion; the actual act of seeing is done by the mind..Yes, we see what we believe so a person who believes “this world as an evil place” by the law of thinking that’s what will be shown to him by the universe.

This is why disciplining your thoughts is so important,as your life depends on it.

Thought–The Unlimited Force

It won’t be incorrect if I say that thoughts are among the most powerful things in the world, it can travel at the speed of light and it is the force behind every human action.

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Wait a second “thing”..yes I just said that thoughts are things.

Our biggest mistake is that we perceive thoughts as a personal stuff that begins and ends in our minds. On a subtle level thoughts behaves like a quantum particle, every thought has its own frequency and like everything else it also is “energy”.

Your thoughts gets emanated and it works to bring “like thoughts” to you. Not only you, it affects other people too.

If you think thoughts of “worry” more thoughts of worry will gravitate towards you which will also bring people in your lives who will have the same kind of mind state..same goes with the thoughts of “love”.

Thought is a very great force which can make you as well as destroy you depending on how you use it. Like an untamed horse can create a havoc whereas when trained it becomes a great servant, our mind also requires taming.

Taming the Horse

When we talk about disciplining our minds, it gets a little tricky since one should never fight with the negative thoughts and that’s where most people gets mistaken.

We like to be fighters who want to kill all the negative thoughts so that we can achieve our goals with lightening speed but our mind does’nt like to be challenged and trust me the chances of you beating Mike Tyson with a single arm is higher than you winning the game with your own mind.

What can you do then?..shift your focus that’s your most powerful tool.

Rather than criticizing yourself for negative thinking or trying to figure out a way to feel differently about a specific thought, just completely  change your focus from that particular state and know that it is perfectly okay to have bad thoughts.

Orderly Thinking Means to Go with the Flow

Man is the product of nature, so he is bestowed with the ability to conquer all the obstacles on his path to destination.

That’s why we can best learn from nature as it lives in harmony with all the laws and as you know nature has never ever failed to accomplish its goal.

Being a orderly thinker does’nt imply that you should be in a state of meditation all day long keeping a watch at all your thoughts or writing down every thought in your mind so that you can avoid them next time, that will take you to loony bin undoubtedly.

Instead, step by step you should organize your day in way that your goal remains your priority. Train yourself to focus towards what you want rather than allowing your mind to fill your life with random thoughts.

Living in harmony with the law of thinking is a task that you can achieve gradually by becoming a more aware person.


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