The 11 Universal Laws for Success That You Must Know

Just like there the laws of physics which governs all the physical actions, there are few laws which deals with the factors that decides the occurrences of events in a person’s life and I am going to talk about such 11 universal laws for success in this post.

Unfortunately, most people believe that they have no control over their lives but, that is not the truth.

We do have the free will to choose the direction in which our life should go and in order to do that we will have to live in harmony with these universal laws.

Most of us are now very familiar with the law of attraction, however, not everyone is able to effectively use it.That’s because without the proper knowledge of the other laws you are not fully equipped to make the desired use of your creative power.

The Universal Laws

Doesn’t matter if you are aware of them or not, the universe is operating according to these laws. Workings of these universal laws become quite obvious for a person who gains a deeper understanding of them.

So, let us take a closer look at these laws:-

1-The Law of Thinking

This law could be defined by this proverb:-

““As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.””

Law of thinking says that your thoughts affect your life and you can make a lot of change by becoming more aware of your thoughts, which is why mindfulness meditation is such a great tool as it teaches you to monitor your thoughts better. People who have abundant thoughts, live an abundant life whereas some people’s success is limited by scarcity mentality.

If you will stay unconscious by letting your mind being filled with random thoughts then by this law you will find your life totally out of control.

2-The Law of Supply

This law says that there is infinite supply in the universe’s store okay, so never ever get stuck by thinking about the “lack”, the source has an answer for everything being asked.

Believe it or not, not knowing this one law is the reason why millions of people struggle to get what they want, they think that there is a limit to how much they could get from the universe and that’s why they fear to want more.

I don’t think there is any need to explain this law as it is the most popular one still I would like to write about it a little here.

The law of attraction simply says that “like attracts like” so the type of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs you choose, that’s what exactly you will attract in your life.
For people who don’t know about this law I would recommend you to read “What Is the Law of Attraction and How Does It Work?”.

4-The Law of Receiving

Above we have looked at how there is a supply for every demand but, in order to get what you have asked for, you will have to prepare yourself to “receive” and that’s what this law is all about.

We are talking about unshakable faith in the higher power here.
It is like digging well for storing rain water, in other words, you must make space for something new to arrive by getting rid of your old stuff. It could be selling your old vehicle, clearing your wardrobe or even getting out of a toxic relationship.

5-The Law of Increase

We all complain that it is so unfair that the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer in this world but ever wondered why this happens? is the law of increase at work!

There is nothing right or wrong in nature’s eyes so it is not at all unfair, nature loves momentum and expansion.

You just have to set your direction and you will be moving. “Energy flows where your focus goes” is what I learned from one of most favorite programs “the spiritual laws of money“. So praise what you already have in life, be grateful for it, feel good about what you love in life and by the law of increase you will have more of it!!

6-The Law of Compensation

This is something we can realize with a little more awareness- What we give is what we receive or in other words you reap what you sow.

I don’t find a need to write more on this as a lot has been written on this subject and we have always known about this so, I guess this is the time you should get a little more aware and see things happening in accordance to this law in your life.

7-The Law of Non-Resistance

Think about this – Can you ever fly a kite if you try to go against the wind?..Obviously not! But, that is how many people live their life as they spend their time focusing on life problems rather than finding solutions.

Most of the sayings that we hear like “life is a struggle” makes us to constantly waste our energy by working to break the wall that gets stronger with every effort to break it but, once a person understands this law he becomes wiser and he learns to find other ways to overcome such problems.

The state of flow can be best learned from nature as the river flows by bending itself whenever it gets an insurmountable obstacle in its path.

8-The Law of Forgiveness

Have you heard it before that whenever you forgive someone you set yourself free? If you are concerned about your personal development then there could no big lesson for you to learn than”forgiveness”.

You open the doors and allow your abundance whenever you forgive someone.

As important it is to forgive others is to forgive yourself, people make their lives hell by blaming themselves and constantly dwelling on mistakes of the past.

9-The Law of Sacrifice

“There is a price for everything”, I think it is one of the most misunderstood sayings in the world. When I said that, one thing that might have popped up in your head would be “hardship” but sacrifice doesn’t necessarily mean to give up something valuable and in context to which I am using that word here-It implies to lose something that caused misery in your life.

Contrary to how many people assume – the law of attraction requires action. To reach any goal you have to kill the negativity inside you, focus positively towards it and most importantly take the necessary action whenever you get inspirations or ideas.
You have to sacrifice the old “you” to create the better version of yourself.

10-The Law of Obedience

This one is very easy to understand. According to this law, the universe will obey you no matter in what way you are going to make use of these laws.

That means that if you are going to be in harmony with these laws then your desires will be manifested but if you are not then the same laws will work to create an undesired life for you.

“Success” and “Failure” are two sides of the same coin so, how you are going make use of these laws will decide which side of the coin will show up for you.

11-The Law of Success

The higher power wants you to win, flourish, thrive and have the best life that you can imagine for yourself.

Again, nature is the best example, it keeps progressing sometimes by creating new things and sometimes by annihilating the old but it always succeeds.

The law of success assures your victory if you have the faith that “you can” and you are in harmony with all the other laws.

How Knowing These Laws Will Improve Your Life?

Just like with the knowledge of the laws of physics one can achieve amazing goals, by knowing the metaphysical laws one can create a beautiful life.

According to some success gurus, a person who has a profound understanding of these laws can not only get the desired results in his life but, he can also precisely predict the outcomes.

It’s not a magical formula that will make you successful overnight but, it is the wisdom that will enable you to realize that there exists a path walking on which you can live the life of your dreams.

Learning about the universal laws is one thing and to live in harmony with them is a completely different thing.

So, it is not just enough to read and gather knowledge about these laws but, what is most essential is to put what you have learned into work and learn more from the results that you get.

Creating your desired life is a gradual process which requires a great dedication and an open mind, with sincere efforts you will surely succeed.

I gained a deeper understanding of these laws by reading the book by Raymond Holliwell “Working with the Law“, if you too are curious about how to live in harmony with the universal laws then I would highly recommend you to read it.


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