The Hard Work Trap- Importance of Inspired Action

One of the deepest held beliefs of the societies of our world is “a person is valued because of his actions”, there is enough evidence to prove that and it is very obvious, but the question which arises here is “what type of action?”

We can see so many people working relentlessly every day and reaching nowhere in life, we also see people doing so many good deeds still not living the life that they deserve.

It is vital to realize what we should try to reach should be “quality of work” rather than “quantity of work”.

“The Hard Work Trap” is a set of ideas that are deeply entrenched among the mediocre public that they strongly refuse to come out of this hypnotic trance which continuously whispers in their ears- “Work hard to create more wealth!”

For delivering “quality work” there is only one essential ingredient “great ideas or thoughts”.

Why Only a Few People Come Up With Great Ideas?

Unfortunately, everybody’s mind does not come up with great ideas. Why? Is god partial to some people?

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No, of course not, because only those minds can have great ideas that are tuned in with the universal power, for that they should be in a higher vibration and to raise his vibration a person should focus on being “happy” that means he should possess “positive emotions”.

Now, it is time to contradict the old false belief “a person is valued because of his actions”, as we now can confidently say “people are always of great value, they just need to realize this”, once a person is aligned with pure positive energy, inspired actions and great results will follow.( I would suggest you reading Ask and It is Given in this regard)

Sacrificing Time and Energy for Work

“There is a price for everything”- this saying is filled with so much truth but it is always misunderstood by most of the people.

In today’s world, people wake up and get into fast action- this is called trading time and energy to gain material compensation.

We can enlist hundreds of names from history and now, to prove that there have always existed people who have gained immense wealth with complete ease.

There are people who sell their precious time and energy just for earning a value that they believe is equivalent to their contribution.

The most comfortable way to live is to carry on doing something which we think can help us to survive, but to do something that can make our dreams come true, it truly requires a lot of courage as it requires opposing these old beliefs.

Heavy and Hard Work

So many people in this busy world are blindly doing heavy and hard work just to keep up the pace with a growing economy.

It is very imperative to take a break to relax our body and mind to know- who we truly are.

Machines can also do all the heavy and hard work, what differentiates us from machines is our “creative ability”.

We all have been gifted with unique interests and skills, and if we don’t use them effectively, then we will just blindly be running on the same track always.

This is why our first priority should be personal development.

Hope you enjoyed reading, we would continue this discussion with our next article “5 Types of Actions”.


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