The Law of Attraction and Health-Heal Yourself with Your Thought Power

The popularity of the concept of LOA is growing everyday swiftly, but despite the open availability of much information about these universal laws now, the percentage of people who have implemented it in their life successfully is still very less in comparison to those who have failed to apply them and became a skeptic instead.

The problem with people’s understanding of these laws is their denial that they have any control over their life, since accepting such things would take away the chance from them to blame god or others for their life situations.

It doesn’t matter whether your financial situation or relationships are doing well or not, if you are not fit physically then you cannot enjoy your life and this aspect of our living is something where the law of attraction can really prove very important because when a person successfully heals himself using these principles then he can easily apply them in all other parts of his life with the confidence and faith he gains.

The story of Morris Goodman who appeared in “the secret” movie is something that can inspire anyone to improve their health condition using the power of their thoughts and many other stories like that where people have succeeded in overcoming various diseases using their mind power proves that our thoughts can change our bodily conditions.

While talking about the law of attraction and health, one gets curious to know how both of them are actually related and further how to effectively use LOA for health issues, so let’s talk about these two points.

Your Diseases Are the Expressions of Your Own Thoughts

All the behaviors of the cells in our body depends on the type of command that they receive from mind and by that I don’t mean the temporary thoughts that occur in the conscious mind, the subconscious mind is responsible for what is happening in the body.

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The beliefs in the subconscious mind is formed either due to the thoughts that were fed to your mind in your early childhood or because of the long repeated thinking in your current life combined with strong emotions.

This is why people who fear of getting ill the most are the ones who are most likely to get affected by illness.

So, it is essential to think healthy thoughts to be healthy because your body acts in accordance to these thoughts. Now, let us see how we can heal ourselves from physical problems using our thought power.

3 Steps to Your Ideal Health

I don’t know what kind of disease you are suffering from right now, but I know that by eliminating the “suffering” from your mind a lot of changes can be made.

Nowhere in this article I have mentioned that you should discontinue the medication or remedies you have already been taking ,so apply these methods along with whatever you have been doing to get rid of your current health issues and take all actions that is required from the medical point of view.

1-Change Your Focus

The first and the most essential step is to change your focus from your current problem, this is not as easy as it sounds to be- You need to train yourself to change your story.

The best way to do this is to engage yourself in doing something that takes your mind off your poor health and keeps you motivated that you are improving health wise.

Laughter has been a very good help for all kind of patients because it takes away the “seriousness” of the problem that they have been facing.

Changing your story means to stop entertaining the thoughts which says that you are “suffering” by changing it to “I am improving”.

Remember our body is naturally capable of healing itself and all the medications are there to boost up the same process, but our mind has the ability to fix it much faster.

2-Visualize Your Perfect Health

Imagine yourself in your ideal health condition and think how your life would change when you are no longer having any health issues.

What activities will you be doing that you are incapable of doing right now? How will you feel in you new bodily conditions? How will you feel when you will meet others? How will you feel when you will look at yourself in the mirror?

Get into that feeling by using your imagination.

Visualization has the ability to change your current reality because it changes the negative beliefs stored in your subconscious mind that are causing all the problems in your life.

3-Develop an Unwavering Faith

People who have good health even when they are old and people who are facing health issues in their young age differ only in their believing that they have control over their body’s behaviors.

One should have a strong faith that whatever they have intended for themselves will come into fruition if they want to see positive changes in the results.

To develop a strong faith one has to be consistent in believing that the power which permeates through this whole world will work in his favor.


You can work on on some of your subconscious beliefs to achieve a better health with the use of hypnotherapy, I have succesfully worked on my inner beliefs to get rid of an allergy using what I learned from Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised life program, so I believe that you can also make use of this program like I did.

I hope you liked reading this article, I would love to hear your comments, so please do write in the box below before leaving. If you have any good story where you have used your thought powers to change your health condition then please do share it here so that others could benefit from it.

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