Dreaming of Dead People-What Does It Signify?

Being a person who loves exploring his dream world especially through concepts like lucid dreaming, I have a habit of writing them in my dream journal and even when I don’t keep a dream journal, I often remember dreams that have a lot of connection with my actual life.

It is usual for me to talk about my dreams with others and hearing about their dreams-Sometimes to laugh about the weirdness and sometimes to find out if it is trying to convey any important message.

This one thing never fails to intrigue me, I have had many dreams where I have met people who are no longer alive and this same thing is what I have heard from many others. Even though we may ignore such dreams thinking that they were mere dream figures just like all others, we cannot deny the fact that such dreams usually have something so intriguing about them.

I had a very vivid dream about a dead friend of mine which was a lucid dream and it had such a mysterious essence about it that it persisted in my thoughts for so long.

From the dream experiences of mine and others, I am now very sure that our dreams do have the tendency to tap the powers of which we are unaware in our waking life and hence providing various solutions to our problems.

So, it was obvious for me to gather a little knowledge about such dreams in order to be aware of what is actually going on inside my mind of which I am oblivious and maybe it is deeper than what it seems to be.

Here are few things that dreams involving dead people or dead relatives may be trying to tell you:-

1-Missing them in life

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Dreams of people who recently passed away mostly occurs just because of a person’s over thinking about the departed one, your subconscious could make up stories in dreams that could further cause you to think about the reason for their passing away or something to bewilder you.

This fact makes it confusing to know whether your dream is actually trying to convey any message or just showing your current state of mind, but if you were not much attached with the deceased one or don’t think about them too much in your waking life then you can be sure that this might not be the reason in your case.

2-Changes in life

Often dreaming of dead people indicates a major change in your life that may be about to occur or something that is happening already inside you.

The loss in an individual’s personality (maybe good or bad) that requires  one to make changes in him maybe something that his subconscious mind is portraying using the examples of dead ones.

3-Guilt or Untold Things

If somewhere in your heart you are holding a regret of not being able to communicate something with a person before he/she died or you have a guilt of not sharing some true feelings with them that you have been carrying around thinking of letting it know to them someday in future then their dream figures may appear constantly to indicate this.

All it requires is to forgive yourself for not being able to do the right thing at the right time and accept that whatever you are holding in your heart is ready to go.


However there were tons of more interpretations about such dreams, but I really don’t have the intention  of spinning the head of my readers with stuff that does not make much sense like some books say that the spirit of dead relative is trying to communicate that they having not found peace yet.

I don’t deny the idea that our dreams have the ability to get messages from worlds that is unknown to us, but I don’t think it makes much sense to interpret such things on a conscious level by reading books or things that others have written if it’s something that is essential for you to know then you can receive the answers by developing your intuitive ability.

Thank you so much for reading; I hope you found something helpful here. Please do share your views on this with me.

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