The Law of Attraction and Meditation-Two Vital Ingredients for Growth

Only a few people have realized that they have to combine the law of attraction and meditation to get the perfect recipe of deliberate creation.

Though, the concept of the relation between thoughts and reality has become very popular now; people from around the world have started implementing the tools and techniques through which they can train their thoughts and alter their old paradigms for creating a better life for themselves, still people fail to undestand that they need to be more alert of their emotional states.

We know that LOA says that the thoughts that you hold in your mind is what gets reflected in your life and we can attract the lifestyle that we want by focusing on it positively.

The methods that are now available through various gurus have been very successful for training the mind to think positively, but as humans we find it extremely difficult to keep up that positive focus when no evidence of what we have asked for is seen.

With time our mind loses the enthusiasm and energetic approach that it had in the initial days, gradually the hope is lost.

Loss of hope is tantamount to the reverse gear on your vehicle; any effort from there takes people in the opposite direction from their goals.

Why Is It so Difficult to Be Positive about Your Goals for Long?

It is important to be kept in mind that when you are in the process to make the law of attraction work in your favor, you are actually altering your own inner limiting beliefs.

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These beliefs are the source of those resisting thoughts that will block you from achieving your goals, the energy you have when you begin your journey towards your goal is gradually lost because there is a battle going on inside you between your old beliefs and new ones.

Losing your hope is giving up to your old beliefs and it is very comfortable to settle down without trying further,but in order to get what you want from the universe, you have to keep up that positive energy even during times when your mind has fully convinced you that it is not going to happen.

There is only one way to keep yourself in the right track when the negative thoughts are dominating your mind and it is “meditation”.

How Meditation Helps You in Using the Law of Attraction Efficiently

Thoughts are like magnet, one kind of thought attracts another same kind of thought-When a person gets trapped in the strong momentum built by the negative thoughts then it becomes too difficult to escape.

The reason behind this strong power of negativity that pulls you inside a continuous series of negative thoughts and emotions is the “resistance” that you offer to any old belief, the more you will worry about the fact that you are having negative thoughts the more stronger it gets.

You cannot think positively when you are in a lower emotional state and the effort to think positively in that place will instead work the other way.

Meditation can be a great relief when this happens, as during meditation you let all your efforts go by just observing your thoughts without any judgments, you will naturally start feeling good.

It doesn’t matter how much experienced or successful you have been in using your mind constructively, meditation is a great tool for everyone.

Since meditation brings you closer to your true self, you start to become more aware of the right steps that takes you towards you goals.


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