What Future Are You Inviting?-Difference between Living Life Consciously and Unconsciously

In order to live a joyful life one has to be aware of his own thoughts and emotions.In today’s world we live quite a computer like life.

We are programmed to follow a particular routine on week days and on weekends we are doing stuff that we think is something that makes us happy.

If you are like most people in this world who have put their life on automation, just take a look on the past three months of your life-you will find that apart from few exceptional days it has been all the same.

I am not saying that one should leave his job or duties and go on to do sky diving every day, but what I am talking is related more to the awareness you have about yourself.

It is so important to focus on the things that you want in your life and make changes in your everyday schedule accordingly.

To be more conscious of your own thinking does not need you to leave all your daily works and sit down writing your thoughts on a notepad (you will go insane if you do that), all it needs is to keep a watch on your emotions.

The difference between people who live consciously and those who are living their life unconsciously is that the first ones recognize their negative feelings and do something about it whereas the latter ones are driven by their mind.

Know Yourself by Keeping a Watch on Your Emotional State

All your internal mind programming that causes unwanted thoughts that hinders your progress can be altered by analyzing the incidences that causes you to feel lower emotions.

If you know that the emotion you have at any given time is of lower nature (like jealousy, anger, guilt, shame etc)then you get aware that you are focusing on something that is quite the opposite of your true desire, all you have to do from there is to shift your attention towards something else that could uplift you.

For this purpose, I suggest practicing mindfulness meditation because it helps you to live with more alertness.

What Are Your True Desires?

Even if you get very successful in keeping a very good emotional state all day long it does not guarantee that you will be progressing until you are doing something to move towards achieving your true desires in life.

Truth is that we all know our true desires, we just ignore them because either we don’t have enough faith that it could happen or we are afraid let go what we have with us right now.

If you are keeping yourself too busy in your current lifestyle or if you are too comfortable with what you have right now, then it is obvious that you are ignoring the desires that could take you to the right place.

No matter how hard you try to be happy, you can never be happy by ignoring your innate desires.

People live in a illusion that desires causes miseries so, it is safe to avoid something that seems far away from where you are right now, in truth “unfulfilled desires” causes miseries and by ignoring them you are actually creating what?-Misery

By asking you to know your true desires and pursuing it, I am not saying to leave everything else and to chase them, but to take little actions daily that you think could be a small step forward in that direction.

Being aware of your true desires will help you to grab opportunities and take the right steps everyday that makes some kind of changes in your life which will prepare you gradually to reach there.

What Causes You to Ignore Your Dreams?

One question that must be asked here is why do we ignore our true wants in life? and why  we don’t do anything to achieve them?

Often people do not follow their true calling and they refuse to look at their dreams because of the fear of change.

Whenever a person lies that he is happy with what he is having in his life right now, when in truth he is not satisfied-Then he is afraid of changes.

This fear is common and it affects almost everyone, it is the major cause that keeps a person stuck in a particular state,

One can overcome this fear by taking a few out of comfort zone steps and keeping a check on whether he is trapped in his false mind talks that finds millions of reasons to cling on to his current lifestyle.

I find the session in Christie’s Unlimited Abundance Program named “clearing the fear of change” very helpful when I feel that I am stuck in a particular condition for long.

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13 thoughts on “What Future Are You Inviting?-Difference between Living Life Consciously and Unconsciously

  1. Chris

    Really great information thank you,

    I agree too, we do spend our lives going through a routine to satisfy what others expect of us.

    We only live once, and I hope websites such as yours will highlight this to people and encourage them to live their lives to the full and as they wish too.



    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Yes Chris, I really want people to realize what you just mentioned.. Life is not about doing things fearing to lose what is with us right now.. it’s about moving in the right direction…

  2. Ty Jord

    This is a VERY interesting read I must say. Makes me take a step back and look long and hard. You’ve hit on some great points and offered up some helpful tips, will look into this.

    Best of luck to you.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Glad to hear that it pointed towards something very essential in your life.. we all need to keep a check at what we are doing with our lives every now and then.. 🙂

  3. Michael

    Interesting Website about the many things we have on our mind, but then what are we doing with the things on our Mind. Believe in your Dreams is a good start. Nice Job!

  4. Emily

    hi Hari
    what wonderful post! A lot of us stay where they are at because its comfortable. Even if we are not happy. It’s a pretend happy I guess. To truly look at oneself, one has to stop their busy life in order to really connect with the emotions. I took that step over a year ago. To say it was easy would be lying. But it was worth it. It was actually quite painful at times. But it was worth it.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Thank you for your appreciation Emily, I can relate to what you are saying..
      It is in truth painful to look at our inner world with complete honesty..
      Denial is something which may be comfortable,but it is like living in a stinky,dark isolated cage with the fear that we will have nothing if this leaves us too.

      On the other hand when we take a real look at ourselves, we get to know that what we were afraid to lose was really something that separated us from what we truly want..

  5. Kathy

    An interesting article and something I’m always working on, living consciously. I use a biofeedback system for mindfulness meditation and find it helps. It’s not always easy to know if you’re actually in the right “state” when meditating so this is a great tool. Being a woman of a “certain age” I’ve found living consciously really helps with the mood swings that come along with hot flashes! 🙂

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      I am so happy to hear that you have figured out what works best for you Kathy in order to be more conscious, it is such a good news that so many people have started to realize the importance of keeping a check on what is going on “inside” rather than trying to fix the outside world.. I understand how much mindfulness would have helped you with the mood swings which is natural for women of your ages,being conscious during frequent mood swings will nourish your soul with more light.

  6. Kavinah

    This article has definitely got me thinking about myself and response to change. It is so true that we do not follow our true calling due to the fear of change. I will definitely be having a look at the program mentioned here.
    Keep up the good work, the site is full of inspiring posts.


    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Thanks Kav I am so happy that you liked the contents of this site, It’s true indeed that we all stop ourselves from progressing in life because we have the fear of change inside.
      It’s imperative to identify various such subconscious beliefs and to work on them, the more we clear-more layers show up.. it is a continuous process..
      Christie’s product that I have referred here the one which you mentioned is an energy clearing program, a lot of people don’t believe in such things, but I am big fan of her as her tools have helped me in various ways and that’s why I keep on referring that program here on my blog.

      In the post “3 ways to clear your abundance blocks” I have tried my best to bring up few ways using which one can do it for himself..check it out too if you would like..cheers 🙂


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