The Law of Attraction and My Online Business Success Story

Readers of my blog often write to me to know about my success with the law of attraction so, today I am going to share my online business success story with you as there is nothing in my experience till now which comes close to this achievement when it is about using my creative ability.

People love to read LOA success stories because they are trying to clear their doubts by reading the experiences of others.

Honestly, knowing my story won’t help any person to fortify their faith in their creative power because for that they would have to collect their own evidences.

But I know that people get motivated by reading the real life stories and that’s why I am going to share my story here.

This post is not just for people who are interested in metaphysics but, it is also for those who believe in following their passion.

I have a long list of what I have attracted in my life using the universal laws, but here I am going to share something which matters a lot to me.

Some uncanny events have also occurred in my life where I attracted some small/big events and things but, I always wanted to share an experience which makes sense to everyone.

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This is a journey that began in the year 2013 and it involves my growth in spirituality, skills, self-love, knowledge and finance.

The Secret

It began when I came to know about the documentary “the secret” from one of my friends, I got very excited after watching the movie to experiment with what they were teaching.

The message in that movie felt like something which I already knew deep inside.

I applied the techniques provided by various personal development gurus in the movie and soon I was getting very successful in manifesting various things.

I had proofs that law of attraction works because I was focusing on small things like attracting my favorite food, watching an awesome movie with friends, getting appreciated, few extra bucks in the wallet etc.

However, when it came to attract something big I failed miserably!

Back then, I was focusing on clearing the toughest MBA entrance exam of my country for the third time and that was like a do-or-die situation for me.

I tried by applying the principles of deliberate creation along with my efforts but I ended up getting almost the exact score that I got the previous year.

At that moment, I stopped believing in these new-age concepts and started to study hard for other exams.

The Change

As days passed, my mind again started getting inclined towards the teachings of that documentary and I began to feel that it was my lack of understanding that caused my failure.

So, I went deeper into this knowledge by reading books, blogs and watching YouTube videos.

I equipped myself with the information provided by all the great personal development gurus like Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Esther Hicks, Bob Doyle, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Joe Vitale, and many others.

I also bought a few personal development programs and that is how I opted for Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance Course which is my favorite, I have talked about it in many of my posts because this program became an essential tool in my personal growth( I still listen to those sessions).

The quest of knowing more about human potential changed my way of thinking and I started to question everything in my life.

I realized that my desire to get admission in a prestigious MBA college was a demand of my EGO!

At that juncture, I had an epiphany that my true joy lies in growing spiritually and helping others with the same.

Can you see how getting into these self-help materials brought forth a mature version of me?… Where I earlier used to strive for fulfilling my ego needs, now I got focused towards my higher purpose.

Doors Got Opened

Now, I had to make a big decision and choose a path. I really had no idea how I am going to achieve my new goals.

By trusting that the universe will deliver whatever that is needed in my journey, I took a decision for which I knew I would have to pay the price.

Thinking out of the box is not a big thing, but taking the appropriate action is!

I had to face the ridicule and the consequences of choosing a different path, on top of that, I was not having any concrete plan.

I remember that day so vividly when I received an idea during a visualization process and it was to create a blog.

That was an awesome idea because this way I can do various personal development activities, read books and try different products whereas my work will become useful for others who are interested in personal growth.

Okay, now I had a plan but I was not having even the slightest idea of how to execute it. I knew how to create free webpage, but I was not at all aware of how to profit from a blog.

Earning from a website was something to which I was totally oblivious, I asked few of my techie friends and after hearing from them I thought that it was not my cup of tea.

Side by side I was also searching for the ways to make money online. As we know, that the online world is filled with fraudsters so, I used to read reviews from many websites to decide if I should opt for any particular online money making program or not.

This went on for a few days and I was unable to find something that really works. Then one day I stumbled upon a program which looked promising, I went to read reviews and while doing so I found a blog which unlike other blogs was quite genuine.

The woman who wrote the review of that product was not selling that product or any other, I strongly felt that she could help me.

So, I sent her an email telling her about my wish to write a blog and making it a source of income.

I believe that it was one of my luckiest days when she replied me by suggesting an online business education program called wealthy affiliate.

It took me 1 week (free starter days) to decide if it was right for me and I had my website ready within those 7 days.

In just three months I had the knowledge of online business than any of my techie friends who earlier discouraged me. I started to earn money in 6 months and my blog started to get a good amount of daily visitors.

Now, it has been more than 7 years and this blog is my source of income and happiness. Yes, I was talking about this website only!

Receiving the idea, reaching that woman’s blog, her email, wealthy affiliate university, my first earning, the increasing site traffic, etc. When I look back, all that seems like a divine intervention.

Apart from these events, I also believe that my persistence, faith, decisions and actions were also equally important in my online business success.

It’s Just the Beginning

I have a long way to go from here. It is very important to keep moving and to form new visions when the previous ones are fulfilled because I believe that like a bicycle we gain balance from momentum in life also.

I know this is a very long post but, it was important for me to take you through this journey and make you see how things happen when we persistently hold the image of success in our mind.

With this post, I am not trying to make you daydream, instead my intention is to tell you that you will eventually find your perfect recipe for success if you are willing to follow your passion.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I would love to hear your comments in the box below.

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