How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency Level-Simple Methods

In this post, I am going to show you how to raise your vibrational frequency level using some techniques which you can perform on your own.

If you want to attract favorable situations in life, live joyfully, have good relationships, be healthy and have financial freedom then you will have to understand about your energy system which decides how your reality gets shaped.

There is a particular vibrational frequency level to our energy at any given point of time and everything gets manifested in our lives which matches with this frequency, that’s law of attraction’s true mechanism.

In order to make some positive changes in our lives we will have to actively do something to raise the vibrational state of our energy.

What Is Vibrational Frequency Level?

We all have an energy body present around our physical body which is also referred to as “the aura”.

Actually, our physical body is present inside this energy body and what we see as our physical body is also made up of this energy.

This energy is in a continuous motion always, changing its state every now and then.

In other words, it is always vibrating and as we know everything that vibrates has a unique frequency.

What decides the vibrational frequency of our energy?

Our thoughts and beliefs are the factors that decides the frequency at which our energy is vibrating at any particular moment.

I am not just talking about the surface-level thoughts. The beliefs that are present in our subconscious mind repeatedly produces certain type of energy states and patterns.

So, this restricts our ability to experience a life which exceeds the limitations formed by our own mind and we will have to alter these subconscious programming to transform our lives.

How to Know Your Vibrational State?

“Feelings” are direct reflections of our energy state and by paying attention to it we can identify our vibrational frequency anytime with respect to what we are experiencing in that moment.

However, there is an overall vibrational state of every individual which we can determine by finding out the dominating emotions in a person’s life.

In her love or above course, Christie introduces an energy chart where the different vibrational states are represented by the numbers 0-1000, where “0” stands for the frequency of shame and guilt whereas “1000” stands for enlightenment.

Hence, by doing what’s essential to improve your energy’s state you can improve the quality of your life. And that’s why I am now going to enlist a few methods using which you can raise your vibrational frequency.


Meditation is the most effective way to reach your natural state that is joy and peace.

Sitting in silence allows you to calm down the mind chatter which blocks your true nature from expressing itself.

Since it is our thoughts that keeps us in lower vibrational states, we can get to the higher states by detaching ourselves from these voices inside our heads.

If you are new to meditation then read my post – What Is Meditation and How to Do It?

2-Do Things That You Love

You know what? Most people spend their time doing things that they don’t like.

You can come up with hundreds of reasons to prove the necessity of those tasks but, if you really want to get a “life that you love” then you will have to do “what you love”.

Make it a habit to spend few minutes daily without any exceptions doing something which makes you happy.

Be completely honest to yourself about “what makes you happy?” because when it comes to doing something that makes us happy, our mind can easily trick us to our addictions.

Addictions deceives us by giving us a false hope.

Take alcoholic people for example, they have a false belief that it makes them happy. For few minutes alcohol can give a sense of relief from the “disturbing thoughts” and later it amplifies that state(I am talking of those who are addicted to it).

What really makes us happy is often a state which involves “less thought”, it brings us completely to the present moment.

Such tasks are often portrayed as something “boring” by our minds before we even do it as mind wants something which involves a lot of thinking.

For example, a simple task like enjoying the morning breeze with a cup of coffee can really put you into a good emotional state.

By doing a sincere introspection find out what really makes you happy and fill your day with such activities!

3-Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is something which you can do at any time in your daily schedule by taking small pauses every now and then.

Practicing mindfulness brings your focus to the present moment thus, relieves you from the mind talks.

It is like a “refresh” button for our minds.

If you want to know more then read:-Simple Mindfulness Exercises for Beginners

4-Gratefulness Exercise

It is very wise to take a few minutes from your day and deliberately think about the things for which you are grateful in your life.

This is now backed up by research works that gratefulness exercises can improve the emotional states of a person.

It is a simple fact that if you will love your life, you will have a life that you love.

That may sound a little tricky but, that’s the truth. What we focus on in our lives increases so, by practicing gratefulness you are inviting more things in your life to be grateful for.

5-Clear Your Old Beliefs

The limiting beliefs ingrained in our subconscious mind are responsible for our failures in any area of our lives.

There are numerous tools available using which you can clear your negative beliefs.

To progress towards the higher vibrational state, one must keep clearing their limiting beliefs, the more a person works on their inner world, the better their outer world becomes.

Read my post “3 Ways to Clear Your Energy Blocks” to know more.


Laughter is a good way to summon higher vibes in your life since it helps you to shift your focus from unwanted thoughts to the ones that makes you feel happy.

People love to be around those who make them laugh because they emanate vibes which brings others into a laughing mode.

Not getting what I am trying to say ?- Experiment with this if you can, give a lame joke to a person who is good in making others laugh and they will show you how to make it funny. On the other hand, give a good joke to some serious guy and he will show you how to ruin it.

There is nothing in the “joke”, it’s all about the energy of the person. This applies in all the cases.

So, keep you energy in “fun mode” as much as you can.

7-Heart Center Meditation

I have recommended this meditation which Christie offers for free when you sign up in her love or above page in many posts because it is something which can raise your vibes anytime you want.

It is a guided meditation which you just have to play by sitting in a comfortable position and her voice will take you through a small process that opens up your heart to receive more love, I have used it for a very long time and I love it.


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