The Manifestation Magic 2 Review

In this manifestation magic 2 review, I will be giving you an in-depth idea about this updated version of the manifestation magic program which was the earlier version of this particular brainwave entrainment based product that I have already used and I am also well aware of how much popularity this program gained in the past few years.

I have already written a review of the manifestation magic created by Alexander Wilson about 3 years ago and in this review, I will be telling you about the new developments of this program and how it can be helpful to you. This updated program is created based on the feedback of users who bought their previous version and the makers have added a lot of new features to this manifestation magic V2.

The creator of this program is Alexander J Wilson who has been teaching the law of attraction and about the power of the subconscious mind for a lot of years now and with the help of this product the author shares with you his method to tap into your subconscious mind power so that you can manifest the life of your desire. The author uses a term called “energy orbiting” which is simply the process of altering our subconscious limiting beliefs that stops us from achieving our goals and to accomplish this he uses brainwave entrainment-based audio tracks which is what you will receive in this package so that you can also use this method to make some significant changes in your life. Alexander claims that the program can work within the first 24 hours of using this product.

About the Program

The contents of this program are very similar to the previous version but they have added a lot of new tracks to the audio sessions of their modules focusing on various aspects of life that people usually want to improve. For this, they have used harmonic brainwave entrainment which they call “pulsing” to help the brain reach deeper levels of relaxation so that the manifestation process can be quicker and easier. They have also used advanced hypnotic suggestions based on the feedback of the users to particularly work on certain important factors. They also have used a technology named as quantum freedom technique in this manifestation magic v2 to match the vibrations of what a person desires to manifest.

The program now is not all about manifesting money but it covers a lot more areas of a person’s life and you will find various audios for many purposes in this package, this updated version is divided into 2 modules. In the first module, you will receive the quick start manifestation guide which is an essential part of the program that teaches you how you can make use of the materials that you will receive and it will guide you on how the various audio tracks will work on your energy to help you manifest your desires. The second module of the program is named “energy orbiting” which is an autopilot audio system that contains various audio tracks that are created using brainwave entrainment and hypnotic suggestions to work on the deep layers of subconscious beliefs that act as a hindrance in the path of achieving the goals that one desires. This energy-orbiting audio system was also a part of their previous program but they used to provide a single audio track in the earlier version but now you will receive around 4 different tracks that will change your energy’s vibrational state.

The best part of this program is that you don’t have to go through any complicated process, all you have to do is to follow the instructions and use these audio tracks that will automatically work on your subconscious mind to clear the abundance blocks and the subliminal suggestions present in these audio tracks will work on clearing your old beliefs and replace them with new empowering ones.

Bonus Materials

They have included the same two bonuses as what they offered in their previous version along with 3 additional new bonuses. The previous bonuses that you will also receive in this system are 2 sets of audio tracks named “the chakra power system” and “the 360 transformation system”.

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In the chakra manifestation system, you will receive 7 audio tracks that will work on your chakra system to clear major abundance blocks so that you can manifest more wealth. Each of these tracks are 10 minutes long and they mostly work on clearing the blockages from the base chakra.

In the 360-degree transformation system, you will receive 7 additional “energy orbiting tracks” which will help you to awaken your hidden potential. In this bonus, you will find a heart healing track and wealth awakening track along with various other audios focused on many other energy healing methods.

The 3 additional bonuses that they have included in this updated version are as follows:

Bonus 1: The first material that you will find in the bonus package is the 10 minutes earth healing sound bath which is an audio that will connect you to mother earth so that you can release various types of fears to feel more abundant. This is what is similar to grounding meditation which helps you to release the heavy energies by connecting to mother earth.

Bonus 2: In this bonus, you will get super immunity secrets that will teach you about various methods to boost your body’s immune system. The techniques that you will learn in this program are backed up by research works and they help you to fight various types of infections.

Bonus 3: The third bonus in this package is based on surviving and thriving after corona which is a special report that teaches you some practical ways to be able to manifest extra money using about 20 ways that can work in the post corona world.

Final Advice

Undoubtedly, they have added a lot of new stuff to the previous program and this version is far better than their previous product. Although I am not in much favor of the products based on subliminal messages, I am well aware of how much many people have loved their previous manifestation magic, so I think that this new version can be far more effective for anybody interested in trying out this brand new updated manifestation magic.

As I have mentioned before, the author claims that this product can work within the first 24 hours of using the audio tracks, I find it a little bit hard to believe because according to me, working on your subconscious beliefs and energy is a long process that requires dedication and determination. However, I do think that the tools that Alexander offers in this program can be very beneficial for someone who is ready to dedicate their time in using this product regularly.

They are offering a 60 days money back guarantee with this program which is more than enough time for anyone to be able to figure out how this particular product is working for them and considering that the previous version was so successful, you can definitely give this updated material a try for 2 months and decide for yourself based on the results that you will see.

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