Benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique

In the past few posts, I have been discussing about the EFT method which is an alternative to the traditional treatment and it is mainly used for stress relief but it also has many other applications, in this post, I will be talking about the benefits of the emotional freedom technique and with the help of this article I will help you to understand how you can implement the tapping technique to deal with various physical and mental health-related problems.

Tapping mostly deals with various types of deep emotional issues and it is believed that clearing many of the baggage from our inner mind can not only be helpful for our emotional well-being but can also solve many physical issues. EFT uses various principles of acupressure and combines them with psychological aspects to come up with a perfect healing solution that works very well for many people.

Tapping acts as a very good tool that can be practically applied in various life situations to work on one’s reaction towards different types of circumstances and this is why a lot of studies have proven that stress-related issues can be very effectively solved with the help of EFT methods. We will now look into the various types of advantages that tapping offers and we will also explore the ways in which this healing method can be used to improve one’s life.

Benefits of Using Tapping

Simplicity – One of the very important aspects of EFT is that it is very easy to learn and the process is very less complicated, so with proper guidance anybody can learn this technique and implement it without any difficulty. Unlike many methods that require years of training, tapping can be learned in a very less amount of time, and many of these general exercises can be used by anyone from their first few minutes of learning EFT.

Painless – Despite the fact that EFT is based on acupuncture fundamentals, you don’t have to go through any painful procedure like it is in the case of acupuncture and here you just use your figures to tap various meridian points that are associated with the problems that you are facing.

DIY – You don’t need a therapist or any expert supervision to perform EFT and it gives you the advantage of being able to treat yourself at home without any external assistance, once you have learned various EFT-related exercises, it becomes a tool that you can use lifelong for various purposes.

Inexpensive – Unlike other healing practices, you don’t require any equipment or expensive devices to perform EFT. Although you may have to spend money for learning EFT but apart from that it will not make you spend on anything else.

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Effortless and Quick – EFT does not require you to spend hours for every session nor does it make you put a lot of effort into performing the tapping methods. You can take a few minutes of time from your daily activities to use EFT techniques whereas it also becomes useful during various practical life situations where you have to deal with any type of emotional trouble.

Ways EFT Can Be Used

In the above points, we have seen how we can leverage the benefits that EFT provides and now we will look into the ways and problems for which EFT can be used, although I have tried to bring most of the common things for which tapping is applied still the possibilities with these methods is far greater than that as people have been using these techniques for a plethora of issues and they have found some great results by applying the EFT method.

Emotional Problems – As we have talked about earlier, the most common issue for which EFT has been most effective and widely used is anxiety and many other emotional issues that are related to it. EFT is also used as a therapy that can work for many types of psychological and emotional issues like anger, stress, depression, etc.

It is seen that many emotional issues result from various events in a person’s life and such memories can leave behind impressions that cause many types of psychological problems. People tend to form various types of mindsets due to the situations they have faced in the past which stops them from moving forward in their life and these issues pile up to become a major hindrance that stops them from progressing in various aspects of their life. EFT offers a solution to various such problems that are resulted from some kind of deep-rooted emotional baggage as it gives a person a tool that they can use to actively work upon their inner world and beliefs present in their subconscious mind.

Phobias – Whether you are afraid of meeting new people or you are scared of heights, any kind of small or big phobia can be treated by using the emotional freedom technique. Many a time phobias are the reason that we are not able to enjoy our life and live freely, it stops us from making changes in our lives, and in many cases, these fears also affect a person’s personal and professional life. So, with the help of tapping, you can deal with your deepest fears and prepare yourself to be able to face your most feared life situations.

Relationships – Psychological issues directly affect how a person handles their personal life and it shapes our behavior towards others in various ways. The type of bond we form with others and how we feel about others highly depends upon what kind of views we hold about people and society in general. Also, the most important aspect of the nature of relationships a person has is their own judgments about themself and their self-image. With the help of tapping, you can work on your relationships not by making any external change but instead by working on your own feelings about social situations and personal relationships, this leads to the betterment of a person’s behavior around others and improves their bond with their closed ones.

Pain Relief – Up to this point we have mostly covered the issues that can be solved using EFT that is psychological or emotional but this healing method offers a good solution to various types of physical pain and you can also implement these methods for many ailments because the science behind EFT believes that many types of physical pain results from certain imbalances in the energy system of a person. It is a sort of holistic approach to physical health problems which can also be used along with other types of treatments.

Weight-loss – Many people have successfully improved their fitness with the help of tapping and a lot of stories act as evidence of the effectiveness of these methods in helping a person to lose weight in a very healthy way. EFT methods work on feelings when it comes to any type of problem, so in the context of fitness it helps a person to make better food choices and it motivates them to work on their body’s fitness. EFT gives you the power to change your self-image and deal with the negative self-talk that often causes a person to lose their confidence when it comes to losing weight. Also, tapping is a great way to deal with binge eating or emotional eating which is one of the major causes of weight gain among people.


Apart from the few above-given points, tapping can work on various types of physical issues and even chronic diseases by acting as the support to the treatment which means that you can apply these methods for the physical issues for which you have already been using the medicines and seeing a doctor help the treatment to work even more effectively.

If you are interested in tapping, then I strongly advise you to learn it from any good avenue where you can get to understand it better with the guidance of experts, one such nice place to learn EFT is “The Tapping Circle” where Sonia Sophia and many other experts provide tutorials and weekly broadcast on tapping and you get to meet many people who have been using these methods there, a circle like this gives you a perfect environment to learn this healing method and be able to make the most out of it.


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