How to Speak to the Universe for Manifesting Your Desires

In this post, I will be talking about how to speak to the universe so that you could receive the inspirations that will help you to make the right choices in life.

Well honestly, I was quite hesitant while writing that title because the universe is not a person to whom you could speak to, even though it all appears outside of us, but in truth, everything is inside us.

We are already communicating with the universe every second. When we think certain thoughts for long, feel emotionally connected to a desire, hold on to our faith in something, etc. we are actually having a conversation with the universe.

Many ancient spiritual texts have talked about how everything a man sees in the external world exists inside them as well, so when you talk to yourself you are also speaking to the universe in that moment.

This is why it is essential to hold positive thoughts and emotions because the type of energy you send out is what comes back to you in one form or the other.

You Are a Vibrational Being

On an energetic level, we all are vibrational beings, we have our own frequency that is determined by our current energetic qualities.

The law of attraction works to bring to you the life situations that match your current energetic frequency and your current reality has been decided by the vibrational state of your past.

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Our vibrational state or energetic qualities is determined what type of vibrations we are emitting in each moment. These vibrations are created by our thoughts and feelings, so what we think and feel is responsible for our energetic qualities.

Every thought is an energy that vibrates at a certain frequency, the general thought is a low-frequency thought which does not hold much power. But a heartfelt thought whether positive or negative is a powerful high-frequency energy element that you send out and the universe responds to it by attracting to you the corresponding situations.

However, your overall vibrational state is decided by your core beliefs, the ideas and beliefs that you hold deep in your subconscious mind are responsible for the kind of thoughts that you think on a regular basis.

To see a major change in your life you need to alter these limiting beliefs present in your inner mind and this can be done using various methods. When you think a positive thought repeatedly, it can replace the old beliefs present in your system and allow you to experience a whole new reality.

Now I am going to show you a method using which you can communicate your intentions to the universe, these thoughts will first remain in your conscious mind and then it will get to your subconscious mind from where it will be transferred to the universal mind, that’s the whole process.

Communicating with the Universe

Now I am going to show you a simple technique that you must use daily in order to send your intentions to the universe. Here I will be providing you a step by step process that you should use as a ritual. The best time to perform this technique would be before you go to bed and just after you wake up because during these times your conscious mind is less active so the idea reaches to your subconscious mind without much difficulty.

For demonstration, I am going to assume that you are struggling financially and you want to convey to the universe the message that you want to be wealthy.

You will need a pen and a journal for this. You can use any journal but make it special for yourself or you also prefer to use something like the law of attraction journal.

1 –  First close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, clear your mind.

2 – Open your eyes and write a message to the universe, your message should be positive and it should be something you write with conviction. Here’s an example:-


The Universe,

I am so happy and grateful that I hold the power to create my reality. I would love to see more wealth flowing into my life so that I could buy a new car and plan a nice trip with my family. I am so excited that I am going to receive more wealth. I love you and I thank you for bringing to me the life of my dreams.


Your Name

Note – When you write these messages make sure that you are feeling positive and the words are bringing you into a good emotional state.

4 – Now close your eyes and imagine the message you have written is being transmitted to the universe in the form of a beautiful light beam.

5 – Visualize a life of being wealthy, imagine the things you will do when you will receive the desired money. If you have difficulty in imagining then you can read my post on the free flow visualization method.

6 – Express your gratitude to the universe believing that your message has been delivered and whatever you have asked for is coming to you.

Making a Lasting Change

The law of attraction will bring to you what you have asked for if your faith is unshakable, small manifestations can be seen with a little awareness in your life, with a better understanding you will see that everything in your outer world is related to your inner world.

However, when you want to make a complete shift in your life, you have to clear the multiple layers of beliefs that act like programming codes for your subconscious mind. Energy clearing is a good way to do that, to perform this by yourself you can read my post on 3 ways to clear your abundance blocks.

Another method that I have been using for a long time is a quite unique one, it is a Hawaiian ritual called the Ho’oponopono process. Here all you do is that you ask the higher power for forgiveness whenever a situation bothers you and you take complete responsibility for creating that particular situation. It is also a way to communicate with the divinity or the universal mind, but the difference here is that rather than telling the universe what you want, you let the divinity to decide the best path for you, to know more about this read my post “The Updated Ho’oponopono“.


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