The Universal Law of Compensation-Give Your Best Always

Without any doubt the universal law of compensation has been very much misunderstood by people. They especially consider it as the subtext of the usual modern phrases like “karma is a b****”.

I want you to be open minded while you read this post by putting aside the negativity that your mind may have associated with this law.

This law can be summarized by this famous proverb “You reap what you sow” but, hardly ever people look at it without any preconceived notion. You have to look at this phrase without any judgment to get the real essence of what it says “you reap what you sow”, that simply means that you get results in accordance to your actions.

When I say action, you would have thought that I am talking about what we do physically at any moment, that’s because we all forget that “thinking” is also an action. In fact physical action is just an outcome that’s governed by various other factors that we will discuss later in this post.

Debunking Few Myths

Famous people like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nikola Tesla have talked about the compensation that one gets for his actions but still many people refuse to believe in it.compensation quote

The main reason why people deny this principle is because they often don’t get the rewards for their honest, sincere hard work. But, what they forget is that their progress depends on their feelings about what they do.

We don’t sow the seeds anywhere else, but in our minds.

Using the highly feared concept of karma, one cannot explain or predict someone’s life journey, because more than the actions it is about the beliefs and thoughts of a person.

If you say that killing someone is a bad karma, then how would you explain a soldier killing so many people to protect his country?.. Universe knows no “good or bad” so the law will work simply to provide results just like mathematical formulas.

I don’t know about your beliefs in heaven or hell, but I know about this life experience only so, from what I have learned about the workings of the universe, a soldier will gain “respect and honor” for what he does in the war because he does it with an intention to save the people.

A person working hard with an intention to get paid more will definitely get paid more, but if he did in a state of “need” his needs will also increase by workings of the same law.

There is no point in blaming god that you didn’t get what you deserved because you are responsible for your life situations.

Don’t Try to Fool Yourself

All the time, I keep talking about changing old beliefs and I focus on providing you with the methods to clear all those limiting beliefs so, in relation to what we have discussed above, one may ask-“Can someone do anything that is known to be “bad” but escape consequences by feeling differently about it?”

You see, one good thing about few “moral” beliefs is that they are at the core of all mankind, which means one cannot get rid of them unless he is detached with the worldly drama to an extent to which Buddha was, an enlightened being who is capable of doing that will obviously never do any such thing so, this is practically impossible.

We can say those were first few beliefs that our species might have formed, otherwise we humans would not be existing in the planet today.

Doing good to others makes us happy and doing bad to others makes us feel bad, sometimes this might not be discernible at the conscious level for some people but unconsciously we are sowing seeds in our minds.

Contrary to the way people think that God has installed numerous CCTV cameras to keep an eye on us, he has made us both the observer and the doer. Yeah, our God is undoubtedly a real genius.

The Key to Success

Success, whatever that means to you whether let be getting rich, having a beautiful love life or becoming a good parent, can only be achieved when you give what you want.

For example “money” is the compensation for the value that your service provides to others. So, a person who works harder by riding a bicycle to deliver papers home to home and the one who uses a motorbike for the same purpose are going to be rewarded equally, that simple is this logic.

Some people also call it as the law of overcompensation in terms of corporate language which means that if you will give results higher than your current payment then you will definitely get a raise.

So the key to success is to give more than before because when you give more, you get better and when you get better, the universe has no other option than to change your life accordingly.

Sow the Seeds Carefully

The law of giving and receiving is all about sowing the seeds so, be careful when you do that because that will decide the type of fruit you will get.

These seeds are the “thoughts” that you are planting in your inner mind and every time you are thinking such thoughts you are watering the plant.

For example, if you have formed a belief that “love hurts”, every time you think about that or you feel a certain negative way whenever something reminds you of that, you are fostering a plant which will grow up to become tree unless you do something about it.

That’s why I say be careful when you talk, think, feel or accept any belief because you are the gardener of your mind’s garden, take care of your plants otherwise the weeds will ruin them.

Talking about the mind garden, I am reminded of a beautiful meditation I learned in the unlimited abundance course. You can also do a little exercise like that by relaxing yourself and then imagining a garden where your life’s different areas will be represented by plants, this is a good way to communicate with your subconscious mind to receive essential messages for your improvement.


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