Do You Find Adapting to a New Life Difficult?-The Fear of Change,“Metathesiophobia”

Metathesiophobia is not a rare case; a person loses his willingness to live as he suffers from depression due to the attachments with the past and his inability to move on, it is an extreme form of the fear of change.

When I opted for Christie Marie Sheldon’s unlimited abundance program, I found that she emphasized a lot on the session named “the fear of change”.

With a little research I came to realize that this fear is something that holds many of us from progressing and accepting something that is inevitable, it seems to be a very simple concept but it plays a very crucial role at times when we have to adapt the changes.

The phobia of change is not a mental disease, but it is a common phenomenon that troubles those individuals the most who are very comfortable living with it.

Don’t Be Trapped in This Prison

This Universe is constantly changing; every moment is different and new. Holding on to something is an illusion because whatever it is to which you are clinging on “now” is not the same as it was “before”.

Those who refuse to flow with the motion of nature may find it easy to stay where they are now, but soon they will be left with only miseries.

This fear is no less than a prison; it has spoiled many lives- Attachments with the past often gives us false the impression of getting the same life again, this mind trap keeps the individual from seeing the possibility of a better life in his present moment.

However, the fear of change is a natural human instinct and not something to be afraid of, but people who have suffered major changes (example: death of a dear one) during their early ages  may need therapy to overcome metathesiophobia.

How It Affects Your Professional and Personal Life

If you are not very accustomed to see or accept changes then it will cause you a lot of trouble in both your personal and professional life.

Those who are so reluctant to see the life as it was “before” finds it difficult to make new friends, to change lifestyle, adopt new ideas and methodologies, synchronizing with new schedules etc.

Haven’t you seen people leaving jobs because they are not able to mingle with new people?  Companies have fallen because of the resistance to adopt new strategies.

Ways to Overcome the Fear of Change

-Pushing yourself constantly to face new situations in life can eradicate this fear to a very large extent.

-Jotting down the positive points about the changes can be very effective as the mind’s negativity towards a situation can only be balanced by the positive thoughts.

-Being in company of open minded people who are very adaptable can influence a person’s mind and alter his way of perceiving the “changes”.

-Motivation from closed ones can really prove to be a very good tool to overcome such fears.

-Visualization of the positive results can tranquillize the disturbance caused by the fear of unknown future.

-Since metathesiophobia could be a result of past experiences, one can highly benefit from hypnotherapy.


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