Why Do We Fear the Change? – Making Room for New Things

Have you ever wondered why do people fear the change? Why do we cling on to old things and refuse to let it go in order to welcome the new life changes? We all fear changes in our lives but accepting changes is essential for us to be happy and that’s why in this post I will be showing you how you can deal with your fears associated with inevitable life changes.

Some people may deny it but we all are afraid of changes in life, only the intensity of this fear varies from person to person. It is perfectly normal to be afraid of losing what you have right now but being too much concerned about keeping things as it is can take away your peace of mind.

Metathesiophobia is the psychological term for this fear, we can only call it a phobia when this fear grows to become a serious psychological affliction. A person loses their inner peace due to their attachments with their past, this extreme form of Metathesiophobia can cause chronic depression.

When I opted for Christie Marie Sheldon’s unlimited abundance program, I found that she emphasized a lot on clearing this deep-rooted fear because it stops people from moving forward in their lives and she has created an entire session on “the fear of change”.

With a little research I came to realize that this fear is something that holds all of us from progressing and accepting something that is inevitable, it seems to be a very simple concept but it plays a very crucial role in the formation of a person’s mindset which controls their behavioral patterns and attitude.

You may not be having this phobia in its extreme form but the reason why you are reluctant about taking strong actions that are needed for your personal growth is your fear of uncertainty. Even a positive life change is an unknown situation that our subconscious mind will not allow to happen due to the old limiting beliefs. In other words, people are stuck where they are in their lives because it is not comfortable for them to explore new possibilities.

Don’t Be Trapped in This Prison

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This Universe is constantly changing, every moment is different and new. Holding on to something is an illusion because whatever it is to which you are so attached right now was not that important to you before. Those who refuse to go with the flow of nature may find it easy to stay where they are now, but soon they will be left with only miseries.

This fear is no less than a prison, it has spoiled many lives. Attachments with the past often give us a false impression that getting the same life again will make us happy, this mind trap keeps the individual from seeing the possibilities of better things.

This is a big “lie” we tell ourselves constantly that our life depends on external things, nothing in our life is so important that losing it will kill us. It is true that certain tragic life situations can break us but it only breaks our “ego”, if a person understands that their life is precious then they can use the lessons from the same situation to create a new life.

It may take a lot of time and determination to come out of a catastrophic life event but time can heal everything(only if you will allow it to). However, if you will work on your inner world consistently and be always ready for any change that can happen in your life then you can protect yourself from the effects of such events, of course, it will cause pain but you will be able to heal your wounds quickly.

Why Do We All Fear the Change So Much?

Every person in the world fear change however how much the fear impacts an individual depends upon their attitude towards life, fear is what keeps some people shackled whereas this same fear helps some people to know that they are making some progress in life because when you don’t constantly explore the areas that cause fear in your life, you never achieve anything precious. In Susan Jeffers’ popular book that has transformed many lives, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” she has explained it very well that facing fear is an ongoing process, when you move out of your comfort zone new ones are created.

If personal development is your priority then you will have to keep a check on what you are afraid of every now and then. But why is it that we are all afraid of changes so much? Let me explain the answer to that question in detail now.

There is a reason why we fear change so much, there is a reason why we get too attached to things in our lives and the cause of this problem is very deep-rooted in the collective consciousness of the whole world.

The fear of change is a natural human instinct, spiritually inclined people understand this very well that this fear is associated with the fear of death. Every time we overcome fear in our life a part of our “ego” dies, we discard the old beliefs present in our subconscious mind in this process. But when we get comfortable with the new life, we again start to derive our identity from our new life and we again start to fear what we have, we fight so hard to keep things as they are because our ego is afraid of annihilation.

The more you stay aware of this fact and the more you will be willing to accept changes, the less will you harmed by any kind of life change!

How It Affects Your Professional and Personal Life

If you are not very accustomed to accept changes then it will cause you a lot of trouble in both your personal and professional life. Those who refuse to move out of their comfort zones find it very difficult to make new friends, to change lifestyle, adopt new ideas and methodologies, etc.

Haven’t you seen people leaving jobs because they are not able to mingle with new people? Companies have fallen because of the resistance to adopt new strategies. I have even seen relationships being ruined because of people’s unwillingness to accept the changes in their partners even if it is a positive one.

People and situations are bound to change, it is worthless to waste your energy trying to stop it. What you should focus on is to keep your emotional state your first priority in life, which will allow you to be flexible and then nothing will be able to break you.

When you began focusing on your inner state, your perception towards your external life changes and you won’t be afraid of making any decision, this will open your mind to see the possibilities that were invisible to you before.

Ways to Overcome the Fear of Change

Here are a few things that you can do to keep getting out of your comfort zone and overcome your fears so that you can stay assured that you are not being trapped in your mind made prison:-

– Push yourself constantly to face new situations in life, start exploring new paths in your life journey.

–  Jotting down the positive points about the changes can be very effective as the mind’s negativity towards a situation can only be balanced by the positive thoughts.

– Being in the company of open-minded people who are very adaptable can influence a person’s mind and alter his way of perceiving the “changes”.

– Visualization of the positive results can tranquilize the disturbance caused by the fear of the unknown future.

– Read powerful life-transforming books frequently, this will remind you to keep a check on the areas where you are avoiding taking actions due to your fears.

– Most importantly, you should use methods that will clear your old limiting beliefs. A change in your mindset can only happen when you will work on your inner world using the techniques that will help you to change the way you think. Energy clearing programs are very effective for this purpose but if you find it difficult to use energy-work based programs then hypnotherapy can also help you, I highly recommend Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life program for working on your subconscious beliefs.

Here’s a video from Marisa where she teaches how to overcome fears and phobias:-


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