Silva Mind Body Healing Review-Can Your Mind Solve Your Body’s Problems?

In this silva mind-body healing review, I will be providing you complete detail about this program that teaches you how you can heal your body using your thoughts.

Note – I am sorry to inform you that I just became aware that this particular program has been suspended by the makers, however, Mindvalley has introduced a brand new awesome program based on silva method which you might like to check out – Silva Ultramind System 

People tend to interchange the terms of not being ill and being healthy, however in real most people in today’s world are unhealthy. If you are not comfortable in your body in some way like if you have frequent headaches, back pain, stress, low stamina, cough or cold etc then you cannot be called a healthy person.

A healthy person is someone who is in peace with his own body most of the time and your doctor cannot help you to be that “someone” because it is in your own hands.

You have to be intuitively aware of the food, activities and whatever it is that your body needs. Recently, I was having a discussion with my family members when my mother was advised by doctor to take care of her heart health as her blood pressure was getting high frequently which caused her to be hospitalized and I pointed out the fact that the reason she is having these troubles is that she has suppressed so much of her emotions in the past, to which she agreed.

I guess you will also agree with me that our mind plays a big role in every kind of physical discomfort that we have.

Jose Silva, who is famous for his widely recognized Silva Method that has been helping people to change their lives using mind control, found out that most of the diseases that we suffer from have its roots in our own mind; in fact their research work says that 90 percent of human diseases come from mind.

How Can You Benefit from the Silva Mind Body Healing Program?

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Silva Mind Body healing program uses its traditional mind control method to treat diseases, studies have shown that it is possible to alter the cellular mechanisms using one’s own thoughts and this program guides you with the perfect methods that can help you to do the same.

Habits like over eating or chain smoking is a psychological problem and such issues could be solved easily and effectively if a person implements what he learns from this program properly.

Not only that, any disease that you have could be treated significantly by using the tools that this product gives you ,moreover you can also achieve various goals related to your body (like weight loss, stamina etc) with this package.

3 Step Processes that Enables You to Achieve Your Health Related Goals

In this program, a three step approach is used to help you to reach your ideal health.

Step 1 teaches you to reach the alpha and theta state of mind which is same as the mental state that occurs while meditating , this is the key step of all Silva Method programs-It is a relaxed state of mind where a person’s subconscious mind is wide open for any suggestion.

Step 2 is visualization part where you use your creative part of your brain to send message to your subconscious mind of a perfect health that you desire, imagination is something using which a person could impress any idea in his subconscious mind, so in this part of the program you will be visualizing your perfect health in the present tense (there is no past or future for your subconscious mind).

Step 3 is the Desire-Belief-Expect process; if you have been familiar with the self help materials then you might already know that these three steps are essential to achieve any goal. Hence, here you will be helped to train your mind to strongly desire the intended goal, believe that it is going to happen and to expect the positive outcome.

This is the part that is most essential and where this program could actually make great changes because most people don’t know how to overcome the deep rooted subconscious beliefs that hinders this simple process.

Final Advice

Undoubtedly you will be gaining a lot of vital tools for achieving a better health by opting for Silva Mind Body Healing course; your progress will depend on your own effort

Any improvement on the specific health issue that you are targeting will depend on its nature.

We have known how therapists have used placebos to heal to heal their patients, there is no doubt how one’s mind could alter his physical body and for doing it I don’t see any better product than this one which has been used by more than 6 million people all over the world, it can really save you tons of money that any potential disease may cause you in the future or any hypnotherapy session that costs much more than what it offers.

I hope this post has given you the information that you were looking for, I would love to hear your opinions and views so, please do share your comments in the box below.

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