Learn to Expand Your Consciousness with Simple Mindfulness Exercises

You can bring your mind into the present moment by using your 5 senses and here we will discuss some very simple anytime and anywhere mindfulness exercises.
In his book “The Power of Now“, Eckhart Tolle has conveyed the message that the key to enlightenment is to live in the present moment, and mindfulness exercises will help you to achieve that in this busy world.
If you are into new age materials, I am telling you the key to the manifestation of your desires is the present moment awareness because this teaches you how to detach yourself from the need of having it and thus, you allow your abundance naturally by reaching the state of flow.

How to Expand Your Consciousness?

When your mind is brought into the present moment, your consciousness expands and you get closer to your inner self.
This practice will help you to get rid of the thoughts that have occupied your mind for a very long time!

Add Magic to Everything that You Do!

When you become a more conscious person by bringing your mind into the present moment, whatever work you do, you will do it mindfully.
There are even chances that you may create the masterpiece, as all your spiritual energy will be used for doing that task.

Here are 5 Simple Mindfulness Exercises:-

A very good practice for becoming a more conscious person is to mindfully observe the environment around you using your five senses. (Do it whenever you have some spare time)

  • Pay attention to every sound that is coming from all around. There are many minute sounds of which we are never aware of. A most common example is “clock’s ticking” when you are at home or workplace.
  • Step out in the fresh early morning environment and feel the wind blowing on your face, close your eyes and feel the air touching your body.(the wetness, the temperature..notice it all)
  • Get aware of any scent that could be present in your immediate environment..observe how you feel.
  • Look at the slightest details of any object in front of you and notice what you’ve never noticed before. It could be a design or pattern of which you were not aware before.
  • (This could be your favorite one if you are a foodie!!).. Enjoy the taste noticing the essence of each ingredient of your favorite food using your sense of taste in every bite.(Maybe next time you will surprise the cook by letting him know the ingredient that he missed)

Repeat this exercise whenever you have spare time, you can also choose to practice each of them individually whenever you want.

Observe Your Breath

Whenever you get drifted away with overwhelming thoughts and worries, just pay attention to your breath and you will be able to bring your mind back into the present moment.

Always Remember

“Never regret of failing to bring your mind into the present moment, do not fight with your own mind (it creates duality inside you) and whenever a lot of thoughts or emotions flow, just surrender to it, observe it and let it go.”
Regretting could become a major hindrance in your spiritual growth.

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To become more aware and increase your present moment awareness, I would like to recommend insight meditation, or you also can try a nice guided meditation, my favorite is Heart Centre Awakening Meditation from Christie’s free energy toolkit.


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