Working With the Law of Attraction- Key to Speed It Up

These words from Raymond Holliwell’s “Working with the Law” is filled with so much truth because our “expectation” is the factor that works to speed up either the process our bringing our dreams to reality or vice-versa.because our “expectation” is the factor that works to speed up either the process our bringing our dreams to reality or vice-versa.working with the law

In a chapter of Raymond Holliwell’s this book, he has emphasized the “expectation” part specially and he has made it clear that we hardly reach any goal that we don’t expect.

So, anyone who desires working with the law of attraction for creating the desired life must be aware of this key part in this process.

How to Make Use of This Key Properly?

We all have now been introduced to the fact that visualization is a very powerful tool that could change our life but when we use it continuously our faith gets strengthened, this causes us to expect what we have dreamed.

The above process requires a persistent effort, it needs a lot of motivation as we are programmed to quit when we see nothing happening for a long time.

The good news here is- we all can work on the “expectation” part in order to boost up this whole process.

How to Deal With the Expectation Part?

Let us assume that we are trying to learn playing piano. We sit in the front of the keyboard and visualize everyday that we can play it well; we do this for a quite a long time.

What will happen at the Showtime? – We will screw it up for sure, because in an inner level we would rarely expect to play it well.

Now, let us change the scenario a little – everything is the same as before but we make a difference of playing with the strings after each visualization session, just randomly experimenting with the keys. We will of course play it terribly for few days but I am sure that very soon we would have composed something nice. (I have tried this one personally)

I guess you have got the point that I am trying to explain here; its working in bits everyday towards goal (No matter how trivial it may seem) that alters our expectation.

‘Let Go’ With Expectation

Some people may find this a paradox- being detached from the results and having expectation both is required to follow the law of attraction for our benefit.

There is a fine line of distinction between “being detached from the results” and “expecting the desired results”, if you have any difficulty in getting this point then please leave a comment below and I will make a post on it as well.


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8 thoughts on “Working With the Law of Attraction- Key to Speed It Up

  1. Shwetika

    Hi Hari,
    Thank you for this article. After so many months with the law of attraction i finally get what it means to be detached yet have expectation. However, would love to read your thoughts on it. So please do go ahead and write a post elaborating this point.

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      Thank you so much Shwetika for your comment,I am very much delighted to hear that this post was of use to you and I will surely write a new post to elaborate this point a bit more, please join the mailing list so that I could send you the notifications when I write new posts..

      1. mish

        Good day Hari – I like the clear explanations you provide. I have been exploring many authors and methods of mind power for a period of months. FROM John Murphy, John Kehoe, Louise Hays, Abraham Ester Hicks etc… PLEASE explain your comment on being detached yet having expectations. I interpret this to mean you have already understand you have focused on your goal/want/ manifestation and now the process of will and desire meet and your goals/ ideal life conditions (can also be called a vortex) are being expexcted but not to dwell on what is asked because it questions your faith in the result? Please clarify?

        1. HARI S NAIR Post author

          Hii Mish,

          I am happy that you like my explanations and I would love to answer you query regarding the detachment part..

          Detachment does not mean that you should not dwell on your desires, the actual meaning of detachment is “being emotionally unaffected by anything in the outer world”..people often misinterpret with reliqinshing wordly things or desires.

          So, in the context of our discussion detachment means your feelings of fullfilment of the desire which points towards your joyful state as if you have what you have asked..- the key is to keep the feelings of having it even when it is not there.. and if it is harder for you to stay positively focused then only you should stop thinking about it because in that case you are emanting the “vibrations of lack”( or you are out of the vortex so to say in Abe’s language)

          I would like to explain this with a example:-
          Let us take the example of a sport.

          Suppose you are playing football with your friends for fun.
          Here you want to win(desire), you know you can win(expectation), you are not worried about losing(detachment) short you are enjoy the process-that’s the perfect recipe.

          Now,suppose you are playing for a club team with another club

          Here you want to win(desire),you know you can win(expectation) but, you fear losing- this the way manifestation process gets blocked.

          I hope this solves your query..
          Thank you for asking!

  2. melanie molloy

    Hello. Thanks for this great blog. I found this very informative and helpful. I do agree with detaching from what you want so you release the need. I think since I started to relax and allow I’m back in flow again now and feel excited at what is unfolding. I’ve started to my create vision of an evening visualising my desired outcome/life. I do this before I go to bed and also when I wake up. The rest of the day I live in the moment and be mindful of the moment. I find that life has become so much more enjoyable doing it this way and I’m manifesting at a quicker rate. I do think it’s all about the journey too.

  3. robert

    I cannot let my desires go… when I try this I feel like I am wanting the opposite of just what I want, which I don’t want to manifest

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      You are getting it wrong Robert, letting go doesn’t mean that you want the opposite of your desire instead you must learn to detach yourself from your desires only for the sake of manifesting it.

      See, it is perfectly alright to have your desires as the dominating thought in your mind till you are feeling positive about it, but once you start losing hope or the negativity takes over your mind you will have to shift your focus to somewhere else and let the universe do the rest of the work.

      Let go, let god that’s what they say because once we start losing the inner peace then by the law of reversed effort our thoughts start working against our desires.


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