3 Essential Law of Attraction Principles That People Always Tend to Forget

Working with the universal laws is very different from just studying them in books and having a false impression that one understands the recipe to manifest the lifestyle that he/she wishes to have.

Many people get too excited about stuff like deliberate creation by reading some books or watching various YouTube videos, they have enough information in their mind to write a new book on what they have studied but when it comes to living in complete harmony with what they have learned,most of them fail..Why?

The reason is very obvious-If you will consider the content in those books as something which can make sense to you only if it works, then you are not sure about it and when you are not sure about it..guess what?-It won’t work!!

Contrary to the knowledge you have gained- You are still holding a belief which is quite the opposite from the learned one.

I will advice people who are beginning to realize that they have control over their reality to reflect on their current life and past first to validate what they have learned and then to use these methods for manifesting fun things to which they don’t have much attachment(small things like your favorite food, a special email or something that won’t create any negativity in mind if it doesn’t show up), in this way one can strengthen his beliefs on these concepts and slowly it will become a way of life rather than being just an idea in the books.

In the bigger picture, living in complete accordance to the universal laws is a learning process, you win and you fail, but every time you get to know more on the practical level.

Manifesting something into the physical time space reality is similar to any other skill; it’s like playing music in an instrument- You have it in your mind and now you have to channelize it through the musical instrument creating a sound which you already orchestrated in your head.

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Just like any art, you always have a lot to learn no matter how better you have become and you may fall back to a previous state if you are careless, and like any other skill there are few common mistakes that keeps people away from what they have intended to achieve by putting loa in action.

So, I am going to discuss three law of attraction principles that you always should keep in mind if you want to be successful in using the universal powers in favor of delivering what you have asked for.

1-Future Holds Nothing For You

There is nothing that you will get in the future that you don’t have in your present moment.
You might say or think, what I have asked is not here with me and that’s why I am in need of it.

“In need of it”, that is where we all mess it up, the more you are in need of something-the harder it gets to get it.

So, once you have used the methods to set an intention- You must also learn to let it go and be happy in the now.

2-You Don’t Believe in It- It Is Never Going to Work for You

As discussed earlier, if you don’t trust that stuff like LOA works then it is impossible for you to see any result, this is why skeptics are so sure that LOA is untrue.

Even though after reading a few books, on an external level you may think that it works, but if your inner beliefs are in conflict with your external thoughts then you will say after few days- these principles are B.S… That’s right,you may already been there.!

So, be sure to work with the voice inside your head that says “no way brother” first, don’t try to fight it..Feed it with small evidences.

I remember in one of the sessions in Christie Marie Sheldon’s unlimited abundance course which I recommend the most to my readers ( if you believe in energy clearing) , she performed a clearing on the belief where people don’t consider the existence of higher power, universal laws etc.. (it was just a small clearing, so I don’t recall exactly the session number), I wondered that how the hell people won’t believe in existence of something like higher power or universal energy/collective consciousness that operates this whole world (apart from the atheists),later I realized that even though we may consider it on an external level, but innately we may be denying it because of some external influence which would have been a result of some childhood incidence.

3-Universe Never Hears a “No”

I am telling you, this is something that you must always be aware of. You may have heard it a thousand times but still you may not be able to put it into practice.

You hate your current life.. You will get more of it..

You hate being broke..You will be broke

You hate being alone..You will be alone

So, you will have to learn to accept your life “as it is” in the present moment and this is what usually makes manifestation a difficult process for most of us.

You must learn to keep a vision for your future, enjoy as if you have it in your current life and genuinely learn to be grateful for what you are having right now.
Gratefulness makes this process simple, be sure to keep a gratitude journal!


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