Are You Ignoring Your Inner Child That Needs Love? – 9 Minutes to Heal Your Heart Chakra

Heart chakra is the love centre of our energy body and in order for one to feel the higher emotions like joy, love and gratitude one has to keep it open so that the life force could flow freely thought it.

If you find it hard to forgive people and situations in your life or you fear to move forward because somewhere deep inside you are very fearful of getting hurt again then there is a very high chance that your heart chakra needs to be healed.

Why and How One Shuts His 4th Chakra?

Mostly,there is no one else to be blamed for a person’s chakra imbalance because he himself is the one who is responsible for it, yes sometimes the negative emotional energy patterns in one’s family may also cause it,but since you are reading you have an option!

An individual may deny the fact that he keeps himself away from affection, care and love, but energetically he will not be completely receptive to higher emotions because somewhere in his life he has unconsciously taken a decision to do so.

Blocking his energy from receiving true love does not mean that a person is shallow or insensitive, it gets reflected in the form of his inability to feel good emotions for a long period of time.

The Inner Child

We all have an inner child inside us which always needs a lot of love and people who have ignored their this part suffer a lot on the external level.

The irony is that this inner child makes us to go through many undesired experiences in life because its “need” is something we often falsely experience as the dissatisfaction caused by what happens in our outer world, people fail to understand that there is some inner work that is needed to be done and instead of doing that they seek the fulfillment from something outside of them.

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The inner child about which I am talking here is actually a memory impression in your subconscious mind which you have ignored by pretending to move on in life thinking that it’s not there anymore.

If you experienced something in your childhood that caused you a lot of negative emotions, then you might have chosen to keep yourself away from love because you formed a false idea about love right there!..

Many such impressions might be stored in your energy field because at times when you experienced such conditions you might have told yourself that “being receptive to love will hurt you” which created an energy block.

How Can You Heal It?

Well, there are a lot of things you can do to heal your heart chakra, there are some specific activities that help you to open your energetic center that allows you to receive and experience love.

I have made a list of 10 things you can do to open your heart chakra and I hope that will be useful to you.

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