Photo Reading – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Do you think our vision is limited to what we are consciously seeing at any given moment? By this I mean the focus on what you are looking at right now, if you are reading these words then you are only conscious about the words in front of you, whereas your sensory perception is registering everything  of this particular scene.

Our subconscious mind captures every small and big activities of our daily life, whether you are awake or sleeping it is always working.

So, this means that we actually remember every single event of our life in complete detail.

Then why is it that we recall so less? Why it takes us so long to bring back anything that we have stored in our mind..?

It is due to the co-ordination between the conscious mind and subconscious mind.

The access that we have to any information depends on the degree to which our waking mind allows us to communicate with our inner mind.

A person who has a strong memory has a better rapport with his subconscious mind than the one who has a weak memory.

Since our mind is trained to only recall the stuff it has focused on consciously while looking at it, we only know this way of remembering things..

But, time to time we experience recalling things on which we never have focused consciously.

For example – (This may have happened to you or something like this)

You are walking in the street and your attention is caught by multiple things like- The vehicle coming from front, your phone beeping, the thought in your mind etc..

Later you are at home and you are humming a song..

You suddenly become aware that you are humming a particular music and you start to wonder “where have I heard it?..”

Your mind goes on replaying all the events and suddenly bingo!- The song was playing somewhere in the background while you were crossing the street.

This is how you can access any information if you establish a very strong rapport with your subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapists have used this particular fact to solve many cases by accessing the information from the victim’s inner mind by hypnotizing him/her.

The ability to recall memories in form of images very accurately is called photographic memory and based on this the concept of photo reading has emerged.

Photo Reading

The conventional method of reading teaches us to register word by word, by focusing on them, in this way we gain a better confidence in our ability to bring that particular information to the screen of our waking mind..

Photo Reading on the other hand makes you to scan through the pages of books with use of your peripheral vision (a technique taught in courses like zox pro).

In this way you store all the pages of that book in your subconscious mind in form of images (not words).

Now, by practicing the mind control techniques you can establish a better rapport between your waking mind and the inner mind so that you could access the information from those pages.

Does Photo Reading Really Work?

Of course it does!..But it is not as simple as it is portrayed by various people now days to sell their products.

You won’t become a genius within few days by learning photo reading, you will have to give it time and practice it properly with persistence like any other skill.

There are so many people in the world today who have mastered this skill and what they can do- you too can!

But do not get too excited by expecting things to happen miraculously, if you are serious about learning it then you will have to be a regular student..You may fail a few times before starting to succeed.

Zox Pro is a good online program which I would recommend to anyone who is willing develop various mind skills like photo-reading.

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