4 Times When You Should Not Use the Law of Attraction Affirmations

If you believe in the power of affirmations and that using it could change your life by altering the old beliefs in your subconscious mind then you must be aware of the right time to use them as using affirmations without proper knowledge of how it works is of no use and it can work the other way also.

Words are the language of our conscious mind; it hardly takes up the surface job of representing the information that has gone through numerous processes that occurs in our mind.

So, what happens in the external level of our body’s system like speaking/hearing is often different from what is truly happening inside us.

The law of attraction does not work according to the thoughts that you are thinking without actually believing it, your feelings indicates what you actually believe deep inside.

For example -If a fat person stands in front of a mirror and says “I am slender and fit”… the discord that he feels while saying those words is his subconscious mind’s way  to show its disagreement to that statement because it is not in harmony with the set of programs that is imbued in his system.

Hence, it is very necessary to be careful while using these affirmations and that is why I am writing this post which highlights 4 times when you should not be using the law of attraction affirmations:-

1-When You Are Not Feeling Good

People make a mistake of using positive statements to escape their current thoughts, especially at times when they are feeling low.

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You cannot fool yourself, if you are not happy and you are repeatedly saying “I am feeling great”, that makes no sense to either your conscious mind or subconscious mind.

Yes, some words can motivate you at hard times but it all depends on your true focus.

In order to change your present feelings you should be first concerned with changing your current focus and then only positive words could help you.

2-When What You Have Asked Has Not Manifested Since Very Long

Attracting anything in your life requires you to first ask for it by focusing on what you want and then to allow it by releasing all the resistances in its way.

This allowing part is what we all find difficult as we have no idea how to do it.

The resistance here is your own internal old thinking patterns that are contrary to what you have asked.

Saying something that helps you to release that resistance would be a good thing to do here, but usually in this stage people start to use affirmations that creates more resistance.

When you have focused on your desires for a long time then you should apply the methods to feel “ease” and using statements related to what you have asked already will in most cases cause feelings of “lack”.

So, if you are thinking about your poor financial situation  despite of following LOA principles and you start to use affirmations like “I am wealthy” ,then you are actually negatively focusing on your current state which will again keep you in that particular situation for long.

3-Your Goal Is Too Far From where You Are Right Now

I don’t encourage people to set low goals, but you must be true to yourself when you are choosing them.

The way in which universal laws are presented in books and movies often makes one to think of them as some kind of magic and they waste their time in trying to attract something impractical(according to their own beliefs).

Like ,if a person can’t afford to buy even a bicycle right now and he sets a goal of buying a brand new car next month- Then it is obvious  that he is pursuing a goal that he in truth considers unachievable.

So, using affirmations is of no use when you don’t believe that what you have asked is something you can presently have.

4-When You Are in Extreme Need of Something

“Need” that is something which represents “lack” and it is not possible to attract something in your life by feeling an absence of it.

So, you should avoid using affirmations when you are in very much need to have something as it will create a stronger resistance in manifesting what you have intended .

Whenever you feel an intense need of something in your life, I suggest you to forget all that you have learned about the law of attraction and take fast action to reach the place where you can feel “relief”, and from there you can again start to apply the methods!


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