6 Common Characteristics of Highly Intuitive People

Many people use their intuition in different ways but, there are few characteristics of highly intuitive people which separates them from the rest. We all use our intuition in various day to day decisions, some of us do it knowingly whereas some believe that their past experiences have trained them to make the right decisions based on something which is higher than logic.

Usually, people believe that the psychic abilities are meant only for some special people and no one else could acquire it, well that’s a lie anyone can develop their intuition with practice. However, there are people who are naturally good in using their sixth sense.

Since such people are little different from normal people they deliberately hide their true nature by pretending to be normal so that they don’t appear weird in front of others, this mostly happens in their childhood and gradually they forget their true nature completely.

The intuitive skill is never lost so, even when they don’t know about their gift they have it and these are few characteristics which can tell if someone belongs to that category.

It does not matter if you are trying to “fit in” or you are making use of your psychic ability. If you are highly intuitive then there are few qualities that you might be having and they are as follows:-

#1- Highly Sensitive

As I mentioned earlier, few natural characteristics of intuitive people makes them to appear “weird”, being too sensitive is often very humiliating and that is why sensitive people train themselves to hide their true emotions. If you are very sensitive then there are high chances that you also have a gifted ability to know more than what you could perceive with your five senses.

#2- Knowing the Emotional States of Others

People with more psychic awareness are easily affected by the emotional states of others, they can instantly detect how someone is actually feeling inside even when they pretend to be alright.

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This is a very big disadvantage since such people find themselves depressed very frequently because their energy is very vulnerable to other people’s emotions unless they have learned to protect themselves using some methods or tools (you can find few such tools like “cutting chord meditation” in Christie Marie Sheldon’s love or above course).

#3- Introverted

From what we have discussed in the above two points we can see that it is pretty obvious that highly intuitive people are not very comfortable in front of others so they prefer to be alone as much as possible.

#4- Imaginative Ability

Advanced perception can only be acquired by people who are very creative, every person who is highly intuitive is also very good in using their imagination.

#5- Special Love for Nature, Pets, and Babies

It is true that we all love babies and nature (at least most of us) but people with extra sensory perception have a deep love for them because they feel more connected to their higher self in their presence.

#6- Better Understanding of People and Situations

Just like they can sense the feelings of others they have a better knowledge of people and situations without being told.

Due to this particular characteristic people find it so easy to share their issues with such people because they understand them better.

So, these are few characteristics that are found in a highly intuitive person, the emotional problems faced by people gifted with psychic abilities can be resolved using various spiritual practices.
We all have the ability to make intuitive decision, all we have to do in order to be more psychic is to develop the habit of distinguishing the voice of our higher self from that of our ego with practice, to know more read my post – Differentiating the Voice of Intuition and the Voice of Ego

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