3 Ways to Attract Money with Hypnosis

In this post, I will be talking about how you can attract money with hypnosis and I will be sharing with you 3 powerful methods that can be used for this purpose. Hypnosis is a state of the mind where a person’s inner or subconscious mind is ready to take suggestions, this state is somewhat simar to sleep but a person is aware of what is happening with a slightly altered state of consciousness.

The state that hypnosis brings a person’s mind into is called the alpha state of mind, this is the same state that we find ourselves in right before we are fully awake or during the time when we are about to fall asleep, this alpha state is a very relaxed state compared to the mindstate that we have when we are awake whereas it is not a state where our mind is not even active enough to make a sense of what is happening in the surrounding like when we are asleep.

The process of hypnosis uses this alpha state to plant suggestions in our unconscious mind because in this state our conscious mind barrier created by the traffic of thoughts is not as strong as it is during the waking state, so any suggestion given in this particular state of the mind will directly reach to our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is what controls our habitual patterns and the way we carry our lives, so if the suggestion planted in our subconscious mind by the means of methods like hypnosis is strong enough to replace an old belief system then it is possible to make a lasting change in our overall life. So, when it comes to finances, a lot of beliefs that are present in our inner mind control the way we handle money and it also decides our ability to make or attract wealth because our attitude toward wealth and our thoughts about it are all a result of the impressions that we are holding in our subconscious mind.

There are many ways you can use to work on the limiting beliefs present in your subconscious mind and hypnosis is one great tool that can be used for this purpose. Hypnosis is used in various ways for helping people to overcome different problems in their lives, improving the financial state is one such area where hypnosis has proven to be very effective. There are many forms of hypnosis, when the state of hypnosis is self-induced, we call it self-hypnosis. Below I will be sharing with you 3 powerful methods based on hypnosis that you can use to attract money, I will be giving you the procedure for two of those methods, whereas the third method I will be suggesting to you is a program-based technique because that one requires a tool like audios specially prepared for hypnosis.

Self-Hypnosis with Affirmations

Self-hypnosis is a process where you bring your mind into the alpha state and you work on your mind by using repeated positive suggestions so that your subconscious mind can get the message and work on altering the already present beliefs that were stopping you from making any progress. Since this post is focused on attracting money, we will be using positive suggestions that will empower your inner mind with a healthy belief about wealth so that you can be more open to making some very powerful changes in your life that will lead to financial success.

Steps to Perform Self-Hypnosis

  1. Find a quiet place where nobody will disturb you and sit in a comfortable position, do not lay down because that may cause you to sleep, and make sure to keep your legs uncrossed.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths while relaxing each part of your body, keep doing this for a few minutes till you are completely relaxed. With each exhalation repeat to yourself “I am relaxed!”.
  3. Make a statement to yourself that at the count of zero, you will be completely relaxed and start the countdown from 10-0 while saying to yourself after each count “I am going into a deeper relaxed state now”, do this process very slowly while allowing yourself to feel those words.
  4. Now, after you have finished your countdown, start repeating a positive affirmation related to wealth that you find empowering like “I am a money magnet, wealth follows freely into my life, I am open to receive the financial abundance that the universe has to offer me”. (if you want to know how to create your own affirmation, please check out this post – how to create your own affirmations)
  5. Repeat the affirmations for about 5-10 minutes, the longer you are able to do this without feeling disinterested the better.
  6. Now, count from 0 to 10 gradually and keep saying to yourself “I am becoming conscious of my surroundings now”.
  7. When you reach the 9th count, say to yourself “I will be fully awake and conscious at the count of 10”
  8. After the 10th count, you can open your eyes.

This self-hypnosis script is the simplest form of hypnosis that you can perform on yourself at home but to see some significant results, you need to stay consistent with this process for a very long time because the key to replacing the old beliefs present in your subconscious mind with the new ones is to stay persistent with your practice.

Self-Hypnosis with Visualization

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More than words what works better to plant suggestions in our subconscious mind are the images and even more powerful is the language of emotions, so what you feel is more powerful than what you imagine and what you imagine is more powerful than what you say. Therefore, visualization is one of the best ways to communicate with your subconscious mind and if the visuals that you use for this purpose induce strong feelings in you then the connection established with your inner mind is even stronger to communicate any particular message with it.

In the state of hypnosis, visualization is much more effective than in the waking state of imagination. So, what you can do is to use the above-given procedure as it is and add visuals to your self-hypnosis routine.

To do this, follow the first four steps of the previous method, and when you finish your countdown, instead of using affirmations start to visualize a life where you are having the desired financial freedom to do what you like using your wealth. For example, you can imagine shipping in an expensive store and buying branded items for yourself and your family, you can imagine a luxurious holiday in a place of your choice, or you can simply visualize driving your favorite car (you can try my free flow visualization method for this purpose). The key here is to feel the emotions associated with being wealthy, so you should keep in mind to imagine things that you believe are possible for you otherwise a visualization routine that is very far from reality will fail to generate the feelings that are essential for this method to work. Then you can again follow the steps from the 6th to 8th point as we mentioned in the above method.

Again persistence is the most important factor in this process but the problem with visualizing is that you may start to lose interest after a while so keep adding new elements to your visualization routine in order to keep your mind interested in the process so that you can follow this routine regularly without any hurdle.

Hypnosis Audios

If you find it difficult to use self-hypnosis or you get too much caught up in your thoughts about whether you are doing it right or not, then I suggest you use any good program that can help you with this procedure. For attracting wealth I can suggest, Dr. Steve G Jones’ “Total Money Magnetism” which is based on hypnosis audios that work on your inner mind by planting the suggestions that can help you to form a millionaire mindset. What the self-hypnosis audios do is they use certain methods to bring your mind into the alpha state and then with the help of the audios your limiting beliefs about wealth will be replaced by new beliefs that will lead to positive changes in your life because your whole perception about money will start to change once you work on your subconscious mind using hypnosis.


I hope you found this post useful. Which of the above ways did you find interesting? Let me know if you have tried hypnosis before and share here your experiences with hypnosis by commenting below. If you have any queries or doubts related to this subject, you can ask me either by leaving a comment in the box below or by mailing me through the contact form. Your feedback and opinions will help me to work on the contents of this site, so kindly do share your thoughts.

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