Differentiating the Voice of Intuition and the Voice of Ego

We all have always faced situations where we hear two opposing voices in our head especially at times when we have to make important decisions.

At all such times we have differentiated those chattering inside our head as the fight between our heart and mind, no doubt that everyone must have wondered which voice is the one that is showing them the right path.

The voice of our inner guidance that comes from our higher self which knows what is the right in every small and big situations of our life is hard to be recognized till we haven’t learned how to listen to it, but once we have started to identify it then listening to it becomes as easy as it is to breathe.

In this post I am going to discuss with you the differences between those two voices which will enable you to make intuition based decisions.

Voice of Your Ego

Let us first talk about the voice of our ego because by knowing its nature you could easily detect what is not the right thing to do for your well being.

The ego’s talk brings a heavy feeling with it; you are not at ease when you are listening to it.

Usually this voice tries to forcefully make you act and it disturbs your mind by listing a million reasons which shows how not acting on what it says will affect you badly in the future.

You might be thinking here that looking at the pros and cons of a decision to be made is logical and necessary, but this voice is more like a noise which wants to convince you to take the action which it is suggesting.

Ego’s voice does not always suggest a single decision and many a times it finds satisfaction in confusing you and causing a chaotic mental state for you.

Voice of Your Intuition

Listening to your intuition is a real gift; it guides you properly to the path which is best for you and many successful people agrees to this that listening to their heart’s voice is their real secret.

Unlike your ego’s tactic to make you hear what it says, intuition doesn’t try to get your attention instead it reveals itself to you only when you intentionally want to hear what it says.

Your inner guidance is not available to you when your mind is too confused, worried or restless.

In order to know what your heart is saying you will have to calm down the mind chattering and sit peacefully with a strong intention to hear it.

The voice of intuition brings a light, peaceful and serene feeling with it; since you are not aware of the bigger picture so, temporarily it may seem illogical and following it may appear difficult but once you start to trust it and learn how to make intuition based choices then you will become familiar with its nature.

Your heart’s voice doesn’t argue or try to prove itself right to you like your ego; instead it just reveals itself when you are ready to hear it and then vanishes when you start to analyze it letting you decide further.

I would like to advise you to meditate a few minutes every day so that you could calm your mind and listen what your inner guidance is suggesting.


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